Welcome to Campbell College

Campbell College is located in a beautiful 100 acre wooded estate in Belfast. It takes its name from a successful Ulster linen merchant, Henry James Campbell, who provided the funds for its foundation in 1894; the generous buildings and grounds provide excellent facilities in which to educate boys.

Junior School

Campbell College Junior School accepts boys aged 3-11 and boys and girls in the Kindergarten (pre-school year). Our aim is to promote academic, sporting and cultural excellence. Our pupils are nurtured within a warm atmosphere and we present a welcoming family school with the emphasis on a total curriculum.

Senior School

Campbell College Senior School accepts boys aged 11-18. It aspires to celebrate learning, promote hard work, encourage participation in sport and the arts, as well as enabling boys to develop skills of leadership, teamwork and decision-making. It is a school in which we intend that all, regardless of class or creed, race or religion, will feel comfortable.

Boarding School

Campbell College Boarding is available for boys aged 11-18 and for girls in the Sixth Form through our collaboration with Strathearn School. We believe that boarding allows pupils to develop their potential. Most teenagers yearn for a degree of independence as they seek to develop their own identity. Boarding provides this opportunity and much more...