Belfast is Best

    31 October

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    This week Belfast was named ‘Best Place to Visit’ in 2018 by Lonely Planet.  This announcement is music to my ears, but it is something that those of us living here have believed for a long time.  As the Headmaster of the largest Boarding School in Northern Ireland it also reflects the fact that an ever increasing number of international families are choosing Belfast and Northern Ireland as an education destination for their children. 

    In fact, Campbell College in Belfast and the other four boarding schools in Northern Ireland are rapidly becoming the first choice for parents from all over the world who are switching on to the alternative boarding destination that is Northern Ireland. 

    Reasons for this trend are, of course, linked to the quality of our education system - as a region that consistently outperforms all other UK regions at GCSE and A-level.  However, a pivotal factor is what Northern Ireland offers – the combination of the people, the places and the safe and small nature of the country combine to create something unique.

    We are a happy and hospitable populous and the inherently friendly and family orientated culture that exists here appeals to families looking for somewhere nurturing for their children to study.  Northern Ireland was noted as the most contented region in the UK by a 2016 Guardian survey and Belfast voted as one of the safest cities in the world according to the UN. The rebirth of the city in the last decade has added to the charms of this corner of the UK as it becomes an increasingly popular choice for parents across the world. 

    Today, Northern Ireland is home to nearly 400 boarding pupils hailing from the Far East, Middle East, Australia, Americas, Russia, the Caribbean, Europe and an ever increasing number from England and Scotland who are choosing to make the leap over the Irish Sea

    We are proud of being a Belfast Boarding School and passionate about what Boarding in Northern Ireland offers international families. The academic opportunities coupled with a superb co-curricular offering, in a safe and friendly environment at an affordable level.  It is good to see that Lonely Planet shares our view!