How do you see the world?

    07 July

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    ‘How do you see the world? Black and White? Or is there more?’

    I recently posed this question at our end of year Speech Day.  The end of an academic year is a poignant time for many reasons but especially for our leavers.  Our A level pupils are contemplating the next chapter in their lives and as their tenure at Campbell comes to a close, I reflect on the journey they have taken. From the very beginning of their time with us - which for some started when they were 3 years old in Kindergarten – we have encouraged them to see the world not as black and white, but as a complex world, full of colour.

    The measure of success for schools is calculated in simplistic black and white terms; league tables and comparisons of examination results. We believe - very strongly - that education is about much more than undertaking examinations or comparing averages. Education is about the whole person. Intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual development are all necessary to grow into maturity.

    We believe that success should not just be measured based on averages, A*’s and pass rates – but should be measured in terms of the whole person, their individual journey and progression. The core function of school is academic attainment, but it does not stand alone.

    I urge all our leavers to remember the strong foundations they have built at Campbell; the journey they have made from boy to man and the set of values they will carry with them beyond the gates of the school. Whatever their results deliver and whatever the future holds, keep a balanced approach and remember that we are all more than a statistic or a grade.

    I am proud to recognise that as we send our leavers off into the world, we do so in the knowledge that they will go forward as a whole person exploring and experiencing this complex world in all of its glorious colour.