Making the right choice.

    29 January

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    January is finally drawing to a close and it can be a time of anticipation as P7 pupils and their parents await AQE and GL results. Hence, I wanted to use my first blog to share a few words of reassurance.

    In 2015 Campbell College celebrated our best A Level and GCSE results in a decade – A superb achievement. However, as we continue to push for academic excellence it is important to ask the question, What is school for?  Producing boys with qualifications or producing boys who are educated?”

    One of the biggest changes I have witnessed in education over the last 25 years is the increase use of measurement.  Whether it is league tables, percentages, comparisons, national averages or otherwise - there is an insatiable appetite to measure everything,

    Whilst measurements are useful, it is important to look beyond the numbers. I am under no illusion as to the importance of achieving grades.  However we also need to prepare pupils for life, for the working world in which they will exist and in which we want them to excel.

    We do not want the boys passing through Campbell College to believe that they are just part of an examination production line. We want them to have experiences that will shape them, develop resilience that will protect them, build friendships that will support them, grow confidence, understand tolerance, develop curiosity and appreciate honesty.  These are all characteristics that carry us through life.  Results are one thing we can measure, but character is something you can never put a number on.

    My advice to all parents and families is to consider the measurements but to look beyond the statistics.  Every pupil is different and every school is different.  There will be a school that is a match for your child but you need to ask the right questions and look in the right places.

    Remember.  Your score does not define you - it is just one point on your journey through education.  Whatever path you choose it is the start of an exciting new chapter for you all and I wish you the very best of luck.


    Mr Robert Robinson, MBE