Activities For Boarders

Education, like life itself, is about much more than the academic; students need to leave school with a range of knowledge and skills. Our duty is to identify an individual's strengths and then help foster their passion for various activities be they in the classroom, the CCF, the drama studio, the music workshop, the sports field or swimming pool.

Whilst the extra-curricular activities are extensive at Campbell, the boarding department has been busy creating vital partnerships to nurture our boarder’s talents. Please see list below to see our fantastic partnership opportunities. Although not listed, there have been numerous fencing taster sessions held. Due to demand, we hope to make fencing a continued extra-curricular activity.

On top of our extra-curricular activities, weekly outings are planned to ensure there is an all-encompassing schedule for every boarder. Weekly outings include 10 pin bowling, We Are Vertigo (Northern Ireland’s largest indoor trampoline park and Ski centre), Boulder World, Cinema and Belfast City Centre.