Head of House

I was always very proud to be a student in Campbell College, but now as Head Prefect in School House I feel an utmost sense of responsibility within the College, not just in the boarding department but also to the rest of the College community. I have had the further responsibility this year of putting forward ideas and suggestions from other boarders in what we call the House Senate. Matters such as weekend activities, facilities in boarding and certain changes we as students would like to see, and in my opinion this really helps give the students a voice within the community and a sense of being.

Another one of the new challenges I have had to face is the organisation of the “Duty Rota” which is where the senior members of boarding, Sixth Form, go and help the younger children during the designated “Prep” times in the evening after school. These Prep times are designed to give the boarders dedicated study time but also allow the younger students the opportunity to get help for them senior peers. Another aspect of this rota is supervise the younger boarders at dinner and make sure that no mess is left at the table and that everyone does their bit to help tidy up, which is a great aspect of boarding life as it shows the amount of teamwork that happens round the clock. Whether it be helping with homework or improving skills in a sport in the evening.

Being resident in the College allows greater opportunity for participation in activities. I took particular interest in the Kayaking club, but also participated in all House activities - all of these things helped me settle in very quickly and forge a good network of friends.

The opportunities in boarding are endless. I have met so many new people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds than I would have ever met at any other school, with almost 25 nationalities in the School House it is amazing to see how well we can all get on and how much we can learn from each other!