Mr Jonny McNerlin

Assistant Head of Boarding Key Stage 5

I have had the privilege of teaching Chemistry at Campbell College for four years, three of which as part of the Boarding Department where I have recently been appointed Assistant Head of Boarding for Key Stage 5.  I am thoroughly enjoying this new role and the opportunities it presents.  I am responsible for the general welfare of all Year 13 and 14 Boarders, which involves ensuring they are achieving their potential inside and out of the classroom and allowing them to develop into well rounded young men within the parameters of the Boarding code of conduct.

The Boarding Department is an integral component of life at Campbell and I am determined to make positive contributions to it during my time here through continuing to form good professional relationships with the boys and establishing an attitude of mutual respect between both staff and pupils and between pupils themselves.  Boarding is a diverse family unit consisting of members from a number of nationalities and cultures which relies on a high level of tolerance and understanding of another's background and beliefs.  In Boarding we believe attributes like this will allow these young men to succeed in life.  The part I enjoy most about my job is witnessing Boarders develop and grow to overcome a range of challenges.   As part of my role my family have moved on-site and one of the many benefits is having my son grow up surrounded by fantastic role models, and in the family environment Boarding creates.