Mrs Eunice Hoey


Having been a nurse in the Royal Victoria Hospital, I took a career change 14 years ago and joined Campbell College as ‘Matron’, and I can truly say that the last 14 years have been the most rewarding of my career. My role doesn’t just involve managing any illness or injuries that occur during a school day, it extends to providing care, support and health advice to the boys. I also work within the Boarding Department alongside colleagues and the College doctors and together we are responsible for the health and wellbeing of the boarders.

The boys know that my door is always open and they are welcome to call in for a chat and a cup of tea if there is something worrying them, or perhaps they just want to call to let me know how their day is going. I am so very proud of the boys in our care, and it is a pleasure to see them maturing into fine young men and progressing on their chosen careers. One of my greatest rewards is hearing from former pupils, and a major strength of Campbell is that they will frequently return to visit the school.

I love that my role of Matron extends beyond just plasters and bandages, it is providing the listening ear and trying to send boys on, not just feeling better physically, but feeling better about themselves.