Boarding for Girls

Campbell College extended a warm welcome to girl boarders from 2012, once the new Sixth Form House was built it became possible to accommodate both girl and boy boarders in the same building with security locks between the different sections.

We partner with Strathearn School which is our nearest girls school located within walking distance of our campus. The girls walk back to Campbell after completing their school day at Strathearn, and then they benefit from the richness of the Campbell boarding experience.

They complete their prep, participate in meal times and have full access to the College’s facilities.  For more information about Strathearn School please click here.

Inevitably, the people who inhabit a boarding community set the culture and define the nature of the relationships enjoyed by everyone involved. At Campbell and Strathearn we have first rate teaching and support staff that know each pupil as an individual and care for them across every step of their school career.

Schools with excellent boarding provision are also built on sound principles. The approach to boarding adopted by Campbell and Strathearn is built on a belief in the virtue and effectiveness of an holistic approach to education; a belief that strong pastoral relationships are at the heart of effective education, and that focusing on individuality within the community leads to self-confident contributors to society.

Campbell and Strathearn offer an education that is outward looking and one that prepares young people for the future. To be successful in today’s world, boys and girls need to understand the cultures with which they come into contact. To become more human, to receive a rounded education, how much richer the sixth form school experience is when it is in the company of pupils from very different backgrounds to one’s own; as you journey across your sixth form career alongside boys and girls from all over the World.

We extend a warm welcome to you to come and visit our schools and experience, at first hand, a boarding experience that makes young lives extraordinary.

Strathearn School

We offer a broad range of academic A-levels to a sixth form of over two hundred students. The consistently high level of success achieved by our students keep us ranked within the top 100 UK State Secondary Schools. Through the work of the Careers...

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