Why Boarding?


Boarding allows students to develop more of their potential. With the availability of excellent facilities and constant access to staff, but without a daily commute, boarders can get more done; their days are longer and their weeks are fuller.

Boarding allows students to grow in confidence as they take responsibility for the decisions they make independently of their parents. They learn to be considerate and respectful of different opinions, as well as looking out for those who live around them.

Friendships formed at boarding school are often lifelong. What is more, relationships at home can benefit because the time together during the holidays is not taken for granted.

We want Campbell College to be a ‘home from home’ for students, but we wish to develop the ‘triangular’ relationships between student, school and home.

Quote from a Spanish parent:

“As my son walked through the main door of Campbell last month, he turned to wave and, it was almost as if - in that moment - he discarded our family cloak and donned his Campbell family cloak. He has become a Campbell man through and through. Campbell College's stated aim is to inspire individuals so that they can be all that they can be. We are delighted that he has become so independent and owe our gratitude to the College for making him the man he was always meant to be.”

Quote from a Chinese parent:

Your passion for perfection, for education and ultimately for students make you stand out as a distinguished educationalist.  We are deeply impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of you and your colleagues in providing quality education for the community.  I wish you and Campbell College every success in your future.”

We do have the impression that everybody in the College does a wonderful job. But let me mention the Head of Boarding, Mr Bert Robinson, in particular. 

Constantin had a very difficult time in school back here in Germany and it is crystal clear that this has changed a lot.  We are very happy with the current situation and we are hoping that he can match the requirements necessary to get his place at university.  Many thanks for giving Constantin the chance to come to Campbell College.  

Heike and Dieter Schreck.

"I will forever look back with fondness on what was such an instrumental year of my life. Education is the best weapon one can use to change the world, and the enthusiasm of the staff at Campbell College are a credit to this. I can only be envious of those young boys who now follow in my footsteps as GAP Students, and commend the school's influence on their outlook. They will surely reflect on their time at Campbell with an attitude not unlike mine."
Ben Kremer, GAP student 2013