Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care within Boarding

Boarding requires pupils to take responsibility for their own life and to get along with a community of other people. It provides them with a secure base and a focus of loyalty within a large school, as well as an opportunity for exercising responsibility and leadership.

It is our belief that the experience of living in a boarding community engenders respect for others. In School House we seek to foster independence and to ensure that every boarder has the opportunity to achieve their best. Fundamentally, we want all boarders to be happy during their time at Campbell. School House staff create an environment where supervision, care and guidance is exercised in a happy, disciplined, family atmosphere.  Please refer to our useful guides for more information regarding our pastoral care.

“It has been seven years since I first started Boarding, I can barely remember who I was back then. What I do remember was an individual who wasn’t the most confident especially when dealing with other people.  I’m happy to say that Boarding has been the first major step to deal with that problem!  I am very grateful to the staff for being very patient towards me as I grew up. They are fantastic and I have enjoyed my time in Campbell so much, I have considered Boarding as a second home!”