School House Structure

Our boarding house is known as ‘School House’ and is led by the Head of Boarding who, along with his dedicated and expert team of boarding staff, provides an exemplary level of pastoral care.

Head of Boarding: Mr Bert Robinson

Assistant Head of Boarding with responsibilities for Key Stage 3: Mr John Rea

Assistant Head of Boarding with responsibilities for Key Stage 4: Mrs Wendy Pearson

Assistant Head of Boarding with responsibilities for Key Stage 5: Mr Jonny McNerlin

Boarding plays an important and pivotal role within the school, and we set great store by what we provide for our Boarders.

A culture of academic attainment is nurtured in School House as boys observe two sessions of supervised Prep each evening. Boarding staff act as academic tutors and provide a monitoring and reporting system, both within school and with home. Tutors meet with boys on an individual basis to discuss their Progress Card comments and agree a timetable of study.

We offer full time boarding with flexibility at the weekend (Friday afternoon – Monday morning) to boys from Year 8 to Year 14, and to girls in Year 13 & 14 respectively, who are enrolled within our sister school, Strathearn School. The Head and one Assistant Heads of Boarding respectively, live on site in accommodation with their families. In addition, there are five members of staff on duty each week night (three house tutors and two Housemothers). The provision and quality of pastoral care and accommodation are exceptional, judged even by the very best of boarding standards.

Boarding is split in to two sections: Junior and Senior (albeit the later sub-divided into three distinct areas).

Junior Boarding

Junior Boarding comprises of 14 dormitories, consisting of one to five beds. In addition to the Housemothers sitting room (where they can make their snacks and store their ice-cream!), boys have a comfortable TV lounge area and ICT Suite, as well as a Games room, where they can play pool or table-tennis. 

Senior Boarding

Boys are allocated their own ‘bedsit’, where they will be expected to complete their prep and personal study. The rooms are, warm, comfortable and spacious, with access to shower and toilet blocks which have been recently refurnished. The boys are overseen by House tutors and a Boarding Assistant, with their own Games rooms, TV Lounges and Kitchens. As boys become older, they value more independence but nonetheless, appreciate the relationships that have built with the boarding staff, frequently having their supper with staff on duty in the lounge area.

Transition to University

In 2012 there was a purpose built extension of Boarding. This facility provides the most senior student with a private bedroom, full en-suite bathroom and electronic door locks allowing a ‘hotel standard’ living experience. This experience actually surpasses most University Halls of Residence.

Whilst many student bedrooms overlook the 1st XV Rugby pitch, included in the building are a Games room, two TV lounges, and a fully equipped kitchen. The provision of this building is indicative of the importance that Campbell College places upon its Boarding community.