The Headmaster is authorised to make available boarding places for each year group according to need. Admissions must be contained within the School’s Total Enrolment Number as agreed with the Department of Education. Availability of places will, therefore, depend on the existing enrolment of the School at the time of application and the distribution of pupils across the different year groups. Please send an email to Mr Bert Robinson, Head of Boarding, who will be happy to advise you on whether we currently have space.

1. All International Students for whom English is not their first language are required to undertake an English Entrance Assessment. The assessment takes one hour and is carried out under the supervision of our overseas agents or alternatively in agreement with the student’s current school. When completed it is faxed or emailed to Campbell College for marking. A score of 60% is required for the candidate to be considered by the College.

2. These will be marked by our staff and if they are of the correct academic standard, the Headmaster or other senior member of staff may wish to interview the candidate by Skype. Following a successful interview, a letter of offer will be sent to the parents. If they wish to accept the offer we must receive an email and then the deposit (£500 non-refundable) to secure their place.

3. If they choose not to accept our offer we would be grateful to know what influenced the decision as it helps our marketing and recruitment processes.

4. For international students requiring visas, we will be able to issue a CAS. Once this is issued, we will email the documentary proof and the student’s family will take this to their local visa office. Please note, some countries require to see proof of funds via bank statements.  The UK Visa Service advise us not to issue a CAS until three months before the pupil starts.

Application should be made to Mr. Bert Robinson, Head of Boarding. Supporting documentation will be requested as follows:

  • An English Entrance Test for students whose first language is not English.

Contact the Head of Boarding, Mr Bert Robinson.


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