Induction Programme

We are aware of the extremely big step that it is for an overseas pupil to come all the way to Northern Ireland to study.  We have hosted overseas pupils for many years, and our staff are aware of the challenges that face our pupils.

All our overseas pupils experience a cross-cultural induction programme in which they are made aware of the different ways in which culture shock can affect them when they are far from home.  We advise them on ways in which they can approach and deal with anything from strange food to home-sickness.

All our staff have attended a workshop on culture shock and take extra care to look after our overseas pupils, especially in the first few weeks.  Added to this, a number of our boarding department's overseas pupils act as mentors for the younger boys who have just arrived.  We make sure that the boys always have someone to trust and talk to and they can always contact home via telephone and email.  The vast majority of our boys from overseas have settled well within the first few weeks and continue to enjoy their time with us!  Have a look at the Culture Shock Guide that some of our pupils created by clicking on the photo on the right.

If you would like to take a look at our Boarding Handbook you will see some of the policies we have in place to ensure our pupils feel safe and secure and enjoy their time whilst they are with us at Campbell College.