Children today are born into a digital world, and it is our responsibility to ensure that they use it responsibly. The safe use of technology is promoted within each Year Group at Junior School, and E-Safety Workshops for parents enable them to develop greater awareness of online dangers and become more skilled at monitoring their children’s online behaviour at home.

Helpful websites to guide you on how to keep your child safe on-line:

Thinkyouknow: The parents' guide to staying safe on-line

A Parents' Guide to Facebook: For those parents with older children

Internet Protection for Children: The Byron Report

On-Line Gaming (An introduction for parents and carers)

P.E.G.I (Information on Video Game age ratings)

Childnet International (Information & Online Resources)

CEOP Checklist (A helpful checklist of how to keep children safe on-line)

X-Box Live: The Healthy Gaming Guide

Playstation Knowledge Centre (Guidance on how to set up parental controls on your child's Sony Playstation)

Get Safe On-line: Safeguarding children on-line