Whole school initiatives

  • The House System encourages a sense of corporate responsibility, belonging and teamwork.  At Prep 1 level, each boy is put into a House (Sutton, Lace and Vye) and wears a tie in his House Colour.  House Captains are appointed each term from Prep 7.  The boys are awarded ‘plus’ points for work and effort, these are counted each half term, averaged as points per boy and the winning House is announced in Assembly.  There are also whole-school sporting competitions for Houses (see House Board in Agora)

  • ‘SUPER’ – an acrostic standing for Standards, Uniform, Progress, Effort and Rules – the Head goes to each classroom once per week to give out reward stickers in House Colours, they count as one House Point

  • ‘STOP IT’ – a three step system of which all the children are aware; helping them to develop their own coping strategies while knowing that their teacher is always there to help

  • Full programme of Personal Safety delivered by staff and outside agencies 

  • Most recently, the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) programme has been delivered in September to all children and all parents at our Parents’ Evenings

  • The ‘Buddy’ System (P1/P7) has been running successfully for 4 years

  • Members of the School Council have made suggestions regarding the lunch provision and have recently ordered and obtained new playground equipment using money raised by the children

  • Assemblies are led each week by each class in turn and personal safety and PDMU topics are embraced by the school as a whole (see attached sheet of Assembly topics)

  • We celebrate all outside successes in Assembly by encouraging the children to bring in their medals/certificates