Junior School Curriculum

All children are unique, and we are committed to providing a broad, balanced and relevant education that provides continuity and progression, and caters for the individual needs of all pupils who are entrusted into our care.

We seek to equip our boys with the skills, knowledge and understanding that will enable them to become successful, lifelong learners. This is delivered through the key ‘Areas of Learning’ within the Northern Ireland Curriculum:

  •  Language & Literacy
  •  Mathematics & Numeracy
  •  The Arts
  •  The World Around Us
  •  Personal Development & Mutual Understanding
  •  Physical Development & Movement (Foundation Stage) /    Physical Education (KS1&2)
  •  Religious Education

At the heart of the curriculum lies an explicit emphasis on the development of skills and capabilities for lifelong learning and operating effectively in society. Through opportunities to engage in active learning contexts across all areas of the curriculum, pupils will progressively develop:

Cross-Curricular Skills

  • Communication
  • Using Mathematics
  • Using Information & Communication Technology (ICT)


Thinking Skills & Personal Capabilities

  • Thinking, Problem-Solving & Decision Making
  • Self-Management
  • Working with Others
  • Managing Information
  • Being Creative