Royal Air Force Section

Royal Air Force Section

The RAF Section at Campbell College is part of the largest CCF cadet contingent in Northern Ireland and gives pupils the chance to develop leadership skills, resourcefulness, endurance and self reliance which will serve them in later life.

Initially RAF Section cadets start off in Pioneer Company in Year 10, giving them the chance to achieve Proficiency 1 (Basic) Cadet standard through a combination of  class based and practical learning including Drill, RAF and Tri Service knowledge, map reading, target shooting, Airmanship and basic First Aid .

Pioneer Company cadets also attend 3 CCF Field Days based around tri-service adventurous activities.

This is one of the most exciting times for a cadet as they will be learning lots of new things, making plenty of new friends and taking part in exciting activities.

All RAF cadets who have studied these subjects and achieved Proficiency 1 (Basic) Cadet standard then may undertake gliding at local airfields and Air Experience Flights at AEF Woodvale. RAF Section cadet’s annual camps both in the UK and abroad such as in the USA.

On annual camp cadets have a chance to visit RAF establishments and sections such as Police Flights, Survival Equipment section, helicopter and fast jet squadrons. In 2013 cadets visited Typhoon Squadrons at RAF Leuchers, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and even saw a U2 ‘spy plane’ landing!

A group of cadets even travelled to South Africa on a high profile international exchange, training with the South African Air Force cadet unit, the Young Falcons. Campbell College cadets flew on a Hercules, assisted with community projects and visited numerous aviation related museums and bases.

Cadets in their second year with the CCF will then move onto Proficiency 2 (Leading) Cadet studies, where they undertake further training to develop areas covered in Proficiency 1 such as Airmanship, and covering new study areas such as Navigation and Principles of Flight. Senior cadets can develop their instructional skills through attendances on the Method of Instruction (MOI) course, allowing them to assist adult staff and teach their peers within the section.

As cadets progress through the RAF Section Proficiency 3 (Advanced) Cadet they will undertake further classroom based study on RAF and aviation subjects and there will be a stronger emphasis on them to develop instructional skills, teach younger cadets, learn personal reliance and undertake national courses with the 3 armed services.
They will also continue to develop themselves as young people within the CCF; they can undertake further outside adventure training using assault courses, swimming tests, use of climbing walls and high and low rope confidence courses.
RAF cadets will have the chance to gain promotion, undertake national leadership courses with the RAF, Army and Navy and apply for Gliding and Flying Scholarships - a must for the budding pilots or navigators of tomorrow!
Membership of the CCF RAF Section is a challenging but rewarding experience giving cadets a chance to fulfill their potential as young people.