Royal Navy Section

“All hands on Deck”

The Royal Navy Section has increased in both size and success in the last few years, with specialist watermanship and leadership training taking place on Thursday afternoons and on the three termly Field Days.

The College is well equipped having its own 25m swimming pool, and small 'fleet' of kayaks and topper dinghys. Training can take place within the grounds in capsize drills for both sailing and kayaking in a safe and warm environment, and also the location of the RNR vessel HMS Caroline nearby also increases the opportunities available for training on our doorstep. Close ties are maintained with the Royal Navy and also the other CCF units in the UK, meaning we attend the same camps and courses and get to meet people from different schools and areas. Some of the courses we can go on include Powerboating, Scuba Diving and Leadership - these are open to Cadets who show an interest and are deserving of extra opportunities.

Cadet Training

Cadets may choose to join the Royal Navy Section at the start of Year 11 and would normally stay in the Section for four years.  Basic training is on Thursdays between 1530 hrs and 1645 hrs in Year 11 leading to promotion to Able Seaman by Easter Camp and regular attendance at training results in the promotion to Leading Seaman by Year 12. Further promotion follows for those interested and motivated enough to hold leadership and training leadership responsibilities in the two training divisions - Jutland and Kilmorney.

Worthy Cadets may apply to attend two RN camps a year, at Easter afloat on the Clyde Fleet Tender and in the summer at Portsmouth.
All RN Cadets from year 11 may avail themselves of all Adventure Training opportunities and courses.

Senior Cadets in Years 12 and 13 may advance to Petty Officer rank with increased organisational and training responsibilities.  Field Days contain a large number of Watersport Activities and Adventure training Packages. Cadets are selected from the RN Section to represent the Contingent at Annual Sailing Competitions in Scotland and the UK National Championships.