Learning Support

Special Educational Needs (SEN) and the Learning Support Area

Campbell College is an inclusive school which values each and every member of the school community. The Learning Support department works closely with teaching staff, pastoral teams, parents and students to meet the learning, language, physical, emotional and social needs of students who need a little extra support to unlock their true potential. We aim to provide assistance to any and all members of the school community, whether through individual advice and one-to-one help, group or whole class support, advice to teaching and support staff or testing students to facilitate exam access arrangements. We pride ourselves on having an open door policy, and mentor many students throughout the school to achieve their potential. Some students arrive with diagnosed difficulties while others may be identified while at Campbell though a process of screening and careful observation by our teachers. Other students self-refer as they recognise that they need some extra help at a particular stage of their school career.

One area of responsibility is to work with those on the SEN Register, making sure that teaching staff are well informed and appropriately trained to deal with these needs within the classroom. In addition to those on the register we have a detailed screening and referral programme to ensure that nobody can ‘slip through the net’. Our initial literacy screening takes place at the start of each year when all students in Years 8 to 10 take a short reading and spelling assessment, and these results are used to offer support to all students who need it, not only those on the SEN register. These screening results are also used to monitor progress for students to ensure appropriate progress is being made from year to year, and to evaluate the efficacy of our literacy support programmes.

At times parents or teachers may request individual assessments for students in order to further enhance these basic literacy results or to consider other barriers to learning. When required, we may liaise with external agencies to seek further advice and support, but only after gaining parental permission

The Department is staffed by a SENCo, Learning Support Psychology assistant, Literacy specialist teacher and 13 classroom assistants. It is based in a well-resourced area within the school comprising a large classroom, a tutorial room, an interview room and office.

We request that you inform the College if your son has any form of special educational need or learning difficulty. If you are concerned that they may have a learning difficulty, parents should contact the Learning Support Department directly.


In summary arrangements for provision include:

  • Maintaining a SEN register, identifying pupils with SEN and liaising with Heads of Year, Assistant Heads of Year, Tutors, subject teachers and parents.
  • Pupils with Special Educational Needs are taught in mainstream classes.
  • Teachers are made aware of the relevant needs and the appropriate strategies to meet these needs.
  • Extra literacy and numeracy support is available in Years 8,9 and 10.
  • A study support option is available at GCSE.
  • The Learning Support Area in the main building provides a reassuring and helpful environment for students.
  • Provision for Statemented pupils who are at Stage 5 of the Code of Practice is co-ordinated by the Head of Learning Support in liaison with external agencies.  This provision is normally reviewed on an annual basis.