A motivational morning

    12 October

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    Old Campbellian Dee Bleakley arrived back at Campbell College this morning to talk to our Year 13 students on the topic of ‘Mindset’.

    Dee started off by challenging the students to discover if they had a ‘fixed’ or a ‘growth’ mindset by asking them how they respond to different tasks. Explaining how their answers could be biased due to their subconscious he challenged them, in teams of three, to fit their whole body through an A4 sheet of paper. The method behind the madness was to help them understand what mindset they have by how they rose to the challenge. Dee encouraged them to recognise that it is not just our abilities that bring us success but how we approach life – we CAN be successful by changing attitudes and creating excellence.

    Dee left the Year 13’s with the key message “If you want 100% success, you can’t put in 60% effort.”

    Thank you to The Old Campbellian Society who arranged the event, we are extremely fortunate to have a wide network of OC’s who give up their time to come and inspire our students!