“DIVERSITY IS KEY FOR FUTURE PROOFING OUR STUDENTS” - A-Level Students hit the high note as Music, Language and Art come out top -

    16 August

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    - A-Level Students hit the high note as Music, Language and Art come out top -

    “The landscape of education is shifting as we adapt to prepare students for a rapidly changing workplace.   In recent years Campbell College has broadened its curriculum provision for 6th Form in recognition of these changes.  Supporting diversity is key to future proofing our students. We must prepare them for many different pathways - not just the traditional ones.” Robert Robinson, MBE, Headmaster of Campbell College Belfast.

    Today (Thursday 16th August, 2018) 108 students at Campbell College opened their A-Level results to reveal a picture that reflects this drive for diversity.  Creativity and languages emerged as top performers with 100% of entrants achieving A* grade in Art and 100% A*-C performance in French, German, Music and Moving Image.  In addition, with the increased recognition of the BTEC qualification by Russell Group institutions, 25% of students at Campbell College opted to sit one or more BTEC subjects alongside A Levels, with half of these pupils achieving the top grade - a starred Distinction (D*).

    Mr Robinson continues, ’Three things are notable in our results this year.  Firstly, the strong performance in languages, arts and music demonstrates the power of an all-boys educational environment to encourage and nurture creativity.  Secondly,  the shift towards BTEC and the recognition of this qualification by leading universities has justified our increased provision in this area. It is important that, as a College which encourages diversity, we offer a broad curriculum.  Finally, we are delighted that those students who joined us in 6th Form have performed very strongly - turning around their academic performance in a short period of time – a reflection of our teaching and what it can deliver. Congratulations to all pupils, parents and staff for the team effort and we wish all our leavers the very best as they progress on many different paths.”

    Congratulations to the following students who achieved 3 A*/A’s; Head Prefect John Harrison (Chemistry, Mathematics and History), Michael Sullivan achieved 3 A*/A’s in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics, Rory Dennis (Biology, Chemistry and German), Adam Catherall (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and Mathew Kane (Chemistry, German and Mathematics).

    BTEC performance was particularly strong and congratulations to Adam Manley who achieved top marks with 2 starred Distinctions (D*) and 1 Distinction (D). Oisin Kiernan celebrated 2 starred Distinctions (D*) whilst Ben McClurg, Paul McConnell, Euan Bailie, Ben Bishop, Mathew Carlisle, Josh Irwin, Jack Preston, Benjamin Yau, Jack Thompson and Jared Duval all received 1 starred Distinction (D*).

    Congratulations also to two students who have chosen different paths; Gary Hunt has successfully secured his place at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire of Music and Ben McClurg who will take up a tennis scholarship in the US.

    The individual pathways chosen by the 2018 cohort include Medicine, Biological Science, Music, Sports Science, Business, Film and more. As Head of Careers, Mrs Sarah Coetzee comments, ‘The world of careers is changing rapidly and schools have to keep pace,  recognising the diversity of pathways our students are now considering. Creating the right pathways for their individual strengths is key to ensuring that they leave school heading in a direction that is right for them.”