GCSE Results 2013

Best GCSE results for 5 years!

Media headlines have reported the drop in GCSE grades across the UK as Exam Boards come under pressure to make exams ‘harder’.  We are delighted that the students at Campbell College have bucked that trend, achieving excellent GCSE results, the best the College has achieved for a number of years.
Thursday 22nd August was a happy day for so many boys and their families.  There are too many individual successes to name, but we can highlight a few.
Sam Jordan, Patrick Osborne, Abe Farquharson, Ian Hawthorne and Marcus Rea achieved 11 A*/A grades, which is a fantastic achievement.  Sam just came out on top with his 9A*s and 2 As!  Seven other students achieved 10 A*/A grades – Aistair Bissett, Ross Carrigan, Joshua Catherall, Conor Johnston, Ben McDowell, Jamie Robinson and Adam Walmsley.  In total, 27 students achieved 8 A*/A grades or better.
Overall, 31% of all GCSE entries were awarded A*/A grades.
Headmaster Robert Robinson said “I commend the boys, their teachers and their families on the hard work and commitment which has led to these results.  That applies to the ‘stars’ who have achieved straight A*/As but equally to those who were perhaps not as successful at transfer stage from Primary School but have come through with an excellent set of results, equipped to move on to A-Levels.
It was a privilege to share the relief and delight of the boys, and their parents, as results envelopes were opened.”