BBC News: School Report


Campbell College is delighted to have established it's very own CCB News Team. A dedicated team of pupils are meeting on a weekly basis and compiling stories that will be shared on this page throughout the year.

This team are also part of the BBC School Report initiative which runs in certain schools all over the UK and offers pupils the opportunity to learn from experienced journalists, producers and editors within the BBC whilst also providing a platform for sharing all the stories they put together.

Watch this space for your CCB News updates...

Year 10 STEM day  

The year ten STEM day was a great opportunity for 60 students to experience what it is like to be a part of one of the biggest industries in Northern Ireland, engineering.

The students spent the day in the Junior common Room with the Royal Air force with whom they made an electric glider using different materials.

The day really opened up the eyes of year ten students and gave food for thought as they consider their GCSE choices.

Year 8 Author Visit 

Miss Skipper arranged an author visit for all year eights, so on the 8th of February we all assembled to hear from Dan Smith, who has several books on our library shelves.

Dan Smith told us many fascinating stories about his very unusual childhood. As a child he was obsessed with Star Wars and his ambition was to be Han Solo. He collected action figures and his brother and he would use the figures and a train set to create their own stories.

His father’s job meant that the family lived in several exotic locations so he had the opportunity to climb volcanoes; spend time in the jungle; canoe alongside dolphins and fish in Brazil.

At the age of seven he was sent to a very strict boarding school and reading became an important part of his life. By the age of eighteen he was writing his own books which he sent to publishers, who rejected them.

One book, however, was published: “Boy X”. This is based on Dan Smith’s own experiences. Soon after, a publisher sent him a film and asked him to write the novel of the film, this lead to “Big Game” being published.

Dan Smith is currently working on a new novel but the title has not been decided upon. I am sure that Miss Skipper will be on the lookout for it when it is finally published.

Thank you, Miss Skipper for arranging a most interesting visit.