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Campbell College is delighted to have established it's very own CCB News Team. A dedicated team of pupils are meeting on a weekly basis and compiling stories that will be shared on this page throughout the year.

This team are also part of the BBC School Report initiative which runs in certain schools all over the UK and offers pupils the opportunity to learn from experienced journalists, producers and editors within the BBC whilst also providing a platform for sharing all the stories they put together.

Watch this space for your CCB News updates...

Thursday 16th March - BBC School News Report Day

The News Team at Campbell College recently documented the annual Daffodil Tea as part of the BBC School News Report. A busy day with lots of different elements provided great experience into the world of filming and editing. Check out their video entry! #inspiringindividuals

Click here to see the report!

Friday 15th April - News Report

CCB vs RBAI Schools' Cup final from the view of a spectator - by Sam, Sports Correspondent

This match needed no hype. There has always been a huge rivalry between these two Belfast schools in all sports, but for them to be against each other in the Schools’ Cup final was unbelievable. It was a huge match.

Even on the bus the CCB spectators were chanting “Inst I hope your listening, I hope you kept that trophy glistening, because on St. Paddy’s day we’ll take it away...”  The atmosphere was electric.

When we got to the match and we had all taken our seats, the chanting started again, our fans were chanting “we are the best so…” and so on. The match was about to start and all you could hear were the roars from the CCB spectators.

However, even though the support from the CCB spectators was great, the first fifteen minutes was difficult for our team. Inst got a penalty and put 3 points on the board within the first two minutes. However, thankfully after those not so good first fifteen minutes CCB equalised in the 22nd minute. Inst however, got another penalty in the 38th minute to make it 6-3 before half time, but that didn’t matter as the spectators were still screaming with support for their school team.

The second half started with CCB attacking almost the whole second half but they just could not seem to get it over the line. The frustrated spectators were still screaming their hearts out to try and support their school. Towards the end of the match CCB made an unfortunate pass which Inst took full advantage of and scored a try followed by a conversion. The spectators of CCB, even though they knew they’d lost, were still supporting their school to the best of their ability – standing together until the end.


Thursday 10th March - BBC School News Report

Red Button

The News Team at Campbell College recently filmed their BBC School News Report at W5. On the day they got direction from a BCC producer and camera man to ensure they got the correct lighting and shots. Later they visited the BBC studios where they edited their final edition. Check out their video entry! #inspiringindividuals

Watch our BBC School News report here.

Monday 29th February - News Report

Campbell end thier Methody jinx - by Jack, Sports Correspondent

Campbell, who had been knocked out of the Schools’ Cup three times in the past four occasions were considered ‘the favourites’ for this match. This tag was given to them because of a great run of form this season only losing one match to a strong Coleraine Academy. Campbell started the game well attacking from the get go. After five minutes Campbell gave away a penalty which resulted in three points for Methody. With twenty minutes to go Campbell needed to get points on the board so they turned to their kicker, he calmly put the ball over the posts for three points.


After a strong talking to from their coaches, Campbell were eager to score a try. Ten minutes later after strong defending from both teams Campbell got three points. These three points were almost cancelled out when Methody got a penalty but it was not on target. After a high kick from Methody a Campbell player went to catch the ball and was tackled mid-air. This caused uproar amongst Campbell fans. The referee gave nothing. With twenty minutes to go Campbell needed to get a score to secure the victory. Eventually Campbell got the try with a series of very good moves by the backs and forwards. Sadly the try was unconverted. Methody never gave up, and they scored a try from an interception from their number 10 which was put under the posts. The kick went over but this did not stop Campbell College going through to the semi-final where they face Dalriada.


Wednesday 20th January – News Day 2016

Students from Campbell College will be making the news for real on 10 March 2016 as they take part in BBC News School Report. We aim to publish the news by 1600 GMT on News Day, so please save this page as a favourite and return to it later. Meanwhile, have a look at the news this school has produced in previous years below.

Tuesday 22nd September - News Report

World-Wide Ring of Peace Starts at Campbell by Aaron, News Reporter 

To mark United Nations International Day of Peace, yesterday at Campbell College  messages of peace ‘rang’ throughout Central Hall as the school commemorated those who had fallen during the 1st World War.  The initiative, called 'The Ring of Peace',  was devised by Old Campbellian, Robin Dunseath  and he was thrilled to see the ‘Ring’ start at his Alma Mater, “The Ring of Peace is about making people around the world, ordinary people,  think about what they can do to help bring peace to the world,  but the magic of The Ring is that people have to phone each other.  So,  all sorts of people from different countries get involved, talking to each other about peace and that’s what it’s all about”.

Speaking to Ben Taylor, Head Prefect, afterwards about how he felt to be making the first call he said, “ It felt great to make the call, to start off the ring, to connect with Old Campbellians and people throughout the world and to pass on the message of peace remembering our pupils who had fallen in the First World War.”

Though The Ring of Peace was created by an Old Campbellian the message itself was created by Nathan a student in Year 10,  when asked about how it felt to hear his message being shared he simply smiled and stated “ It felt very good.”

Yet another example of how Campbell remembers the past by involving the students of today.


Tuesday 15th September - News Report

Junior House Hockey by Jack, Sports Correspondent

Friday 11th was a normal day for most but not for the year 8's who went head to head in hockey. A ‘round robin’ style tournament was created for this great battle of the houses. Davis’s had a great start with a draw and two wins and made it to the final. They met a strong Yates’s house who had won two games and lost one to Prices’s. This was a cracking final which gave us four goals. Yates's were the first to score with two great attempts which both went in the net. With five minutes to go Yates's hit a great shot that went through the keepers legs. Davis’s just managed to pull one back to make it 3-1 to the boys in red.

European Heritage Day by Toby, International Correspondent

Last Saturday, 12th September, amidst the rugby game and rain, a series of small yet charming and informative tours took place beneath the vaulted ceilings of Campbell College. While this tour took us through familiar corridors and halls, a whole new dimension of the school was revealed.

With the extremely knowledgeable Mr Haines (our school archivist) leading the tours, a colossal wave of information poured forth.  With facts from the school’s origin as Belmont estate in the 18th century and Campbellians being awarded Victoria Crosses,  to the fact that the clock in the dining hall is actually a memorial to a Campbellian who died in World War One and was donated by his father, one leaves this tour with their mind enlightened to the colourful and fascinating history that is all around us everyday.

All in all a successful event and a charming insight to the school’s past.

Photography by Ben, news photographer and Peter, sports photographer