The Curriculum

For us, education, like life itself, is about much more than the academic; students need to leave school with a range of knowledge and skills.  Our duty is to identify the individual’s strengths and then help foster their passion for those activities, be they in the classroom, drama studio, CCF or on the sports field.

A wide range of 18 subjects at Key Stage 3 (Years 8-10) gives students the opportunity to develop their talents and study a broad and balanced curriculum.  

In Year 11 they can choose from 26 subjects at GCSE Level.  The curriculum broadens slightly further at A Level with 27 subjects offered. The key in all of the decisions pupils make about the courses they study is that they should be well informed – our Career Advisory Department is exemplary and thoroughly supports our pupils in their subject and/or career choice. 

GCSE Subject choices – Years 11 & 12

All pupils undertake the core subjects of English, Mathematics, and Science and then a structured choice is available to each student according to their interests and ability in consultation with staff.  

Art & Design

Art and Design is an important and all embracing subject which plays a valuable part in the education of young people. It provides for them unique ways of expressing feelings and ideas about the world in which they live.

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Biology is at the forefront of modern scientific research and aspects of key areas of investigation are prominent in the teaching of Biology at Campbell College.


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Business Studies

The subject of Business Studies is delivered in such a way as to give pupils the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of the features and dynamics of business activity.  Pupils are also encouraged to utilise ICT and develo...

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Chemistry is the linking science that asks questions about materials, the differences between them, how they react with one another and how heat or other forms of energy affect them.


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Campbell College has always had a thriving dramatic tradition. 

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English is a very important subject. The skills that the boys develop in English underpin every area of the school curriculum and develop life long literacy beyond their school days.

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Geography is one of the largest departments in the school. All students in Year 8-10 study geography, following a 3-year course that takes them through the basics of this varied subject.

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The aim of the Department is to develop historians who experience a wide range of History at every stage of their studies and who progressively develop the passion, skills and understanding required to make sense of the past.

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Hospitality is a discrete strand of the Learning for Life and Work learning area and is based on the following key themes: Healthy Eating, Home and Family Life, Independent Living.

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Digital Technology

The “Information Age” is upon us and is evolving rapidly.  Most of our students will already not remember a time when the internet did not exist  and to them the idea of working without a mobile communication device is ...

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International GCSE in English

Campbell College is a Cambridge University International Examinations Centre and as such we offer the International GCSE in English as a Second Language.

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Learning for Life & Work

Learning for life and work comprises of four strands; personal development, citizenship, education for employability and home economics.  At campbell college, home economics is delivered as a separate subject.

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Travel & Tourism

Studying BTEC Travel and Tourism gives young people the opportunity to develop a sound knowledge and understanding of the industry, providing them with a first step onto the career ladder.

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Our world is continually changing, and the importance of Mathematics is vital in developing skills that are welcomed by a wide range of employers. 

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Modern Languages

The vibrant Modern Languages Department at Campbell College offers our pupils many opportunities to learn, practise and enjoy languages both inside and outside the classroom.

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Motor Vehicle & Road User Studies

In Campbell College we offer the boys an opportunity to study GCSE Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies.  This course is a full GCSE and is split into three major sections.

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Moving Images Art

This Moving Image Arts A Level is designed to help students develop their creative and critical abilities through hands-on learning in the craft of moving image arts.

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The Music Department has two main aims embracing both the academic and applied aspects of music education.

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Physical Education

 As a significant part of the creative and expressive area of study, Physical Education will offer a broad and balanced curriculum with opportunities for pupils to develop their attitudes and abilities in a range of physical disciples, ...

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There is a very healthy physics department at Campbell.  Good foundations are established through the junior science curriculum and year 10 Physics which all boys study.

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What rights do you have? This is just one of the topics covered in the first year of your Politics course.  Other topics include: who represents your interests and how do they do it? Who tells you what to do and why do you allow this to ...

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Religious Studies

In Religious Studies pupils learn to respect themselves and understand their own identity, to respect others, and to understand their own and others’ rights and responsibilities.

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Science: Single and Double Award

Single Award and Double Award Science offer pupils the opportunity to be inspired, motivated and challenged by a broad, practical and worthwhile course of study.

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We believe Technology & Design prepares our pupils to participate in tomorrow’s rapidly changing technologies. They learn to think and intervene creatively to improve the quality of life.

For GCSE course content, please ...

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