Art & Design

Mrs Karen Crooks - BA (Hons) ATD
Head of Art and Design

Art and Design is an important and all embracing subject which plays a valuable part in the education of young people. It provides unique ways of expressing feelings and ideas about the world in which they live. The curriculum content of the Art and Design syllabus at Campbell College aims to prepare pupils for their years beyond school. 

In keeping with the aims of the school, involvement in creative activity encourages the growth of worthwhile attitudes in the development of the individual. Co-operation, commitment, perseverance and tolerance demanded within the subject contribute to the all round personal and social development of every pupil. Our aim is to provide a welcoming and stimulating learning environment that offers every pupil a wide range of activities and experiences.

Exciting and challenging units of work which are relevant to their development enhances the awareness and perceptions of the pupil’s visual world. They are made to feel important, that they are individuals with ideas and feelings which can be directed through a range of creative and expressive experiences, to produce original and individualistic statements of art.

One of our strengths is that all staff in the department work primarily on the basis of strong teamwork. Openness and fairness is encouraged and staff and parents work closely in partnership together to help all pupils achieve their full potential. We believe strongly in the importance of observational drawing, fostering valuable relationships through the use of group work as well as providing opportunities for the use of new technologies through both practical and research activities.

High quality displays of work from all ages including reproductions of a variety of artists’ work provide interest throughout the whole school, as well as in all classrooms within the Art and Design Department. Every year the pupils who undertake both GCSE and A level Art and Design, have the opportunity to showcase their own work on a large scale. The Art exhibitions are viewed as a ‘night of celebration’ and prove very popular events, commanding high praise from parents, family, friends, staff and many visitors from other schools.

Course Content

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Pupils have the opportunity to produce and explore work in both two and three dimensions by experimenting with a wide range of media, materials, tools and processes i.e. drawing, painting, printing, ceramics, textiles, collage, and ICT.
Pupils engage in a variety of learning experiences which:

  1. Stimulate and/or maintain pupil curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Art and Design.
  2. Enable pupils to be familiar with a body of artistic knowledge, skills, principles and vocabulary.
  3. Enable pupils to perceive Art and Design as:
  • A major cultural feature
  • Part of a wider body of knowledge and skills, e.g. to be able to work both independently and co-operatively
  1. Employ teaching methods and resources that allows all pupils (irrespective of their academic ability) to have equal access to Art and Design and to experience success and enjoyment in their work.
  2. Develop awareness in pupils of the implications of Art and Design (past and present).
  3. Enable pupils to develop a range of desirable personal qualities such as safety awareness, politeness, perseverance, initiative and independence.
  4. Enable pupils to be aware of career opportunities in Art and Design.

The staff in the Art and Design Department strive to include new and innovative techniques within lessons such as painting with toy cars inspired by the very expressive and creative work of contemporary artist Ian Cooke.


There are three full time and one part-time member of staff in the department.
Mrs K Crooks - BA (Hons) A.T.D. – Head of Department (full time)
Mrs K-A Roberts -BA (Hons) P.G.C.E. (full time)
Mrs L Haughian - BA (Hons) P.G.C.E. (part time)
Mrs T McConkey - Dip Fashion (Full time Technician)

Facilities and Resources:

The Art and Design department is situated on the top floor of the ‘Middle School’ building and the department consists of:

  • One 2D studio with an adjacent material store
  • A sixth form studio
  • One 2D studio with an adjacent material store
  • One 3D studio including a ceramics annex, kiln room, clay store 3-D store and material store
  • One ICT Suite with an adjacent general material store
  • One H.O.D. office

The department has a variety of up to date specialist equipment:

  • Two kilns
  • Two Printing presses
  • A separate ICT suite with 10 Legacy computers
  • A variety of black/colour printers, scanners and digital cameras
  • All classrooms are equipped with a data projector
  • Art and Design ICT suite has an interactive white board


The Art and Design department at Campbell College continues to be viewed as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ due to the outstanding results consistently achieved by our pupils at both GCSE and at A level.

We consistently have pupils work selected for the CCEA ‘True Colours Exhibition’ which showcases the best and most interesting work created by pupils each year from the summer examinations. 

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