Why do we need geography?

“Simply put, geography is our future. When we look at any issue with the balance and scrutiny that geographical study offers, we move beyond the media hype or political spin. Geography allows us to see the world more clearly.”  (Tom Biebrach)

Geography is one of the largest departments in the School. All students in Year 8-10 study Geography, following a 3-year course that takes them through the basics of this varied subject. 

Following this introduction nearly half of our students continue the subject to GCSE, and around 60 students study Geography at AS and A Level. Many of these students leave Campbell College to continue the study of Geography or a related subject at University.

We study CCEA Geography at GCSE and A Level as this local exam board makes best use of our students' knowledge and helps to develop their knowledge and understanding of local as well as global issues. 

Aims of the Department

The study of Geography aims to develop an awareness of societies and environments around the world and to recognise the challenges that we face. It should build a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile knowledge of the World around us and to help students to learn to make informed decisions about their role in it. It also aims to teach students to be critical thinkers with enquiring minds and to become effective and independent learners.
The Geography department also aims to develop in each boy:

  • an interest in people, places and processes
  • a sense of enquiry
  • the ability to work effectively with others
  • a desire and ability to work to the maximum of his potential 

The Geography department makes extensive use of ICT to enhance learning across the age range. There is a great emphasis on the use of thinking skills, and decision-making plays a major part in learning in the Geography classrooms. All lessons take place in an ordered, respectful and friendly environment. 

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  • Mrs K E Sheppard (Head of Department)
  • Mr B Meban
  • Mrs C A M Irwin
  • Mr H J McKinney 

Facilities and Resources

There are three fully equipped classrooms, all located around the Central Hall in the main building. These rooms all have multi-media projectors, computers, DVD players and video recorders. The central room has the latest Interactive Whiteboard with full touch screen functionality, and all classes can make use of this.

Fieldwork is an important aspect of Geography and the department is very well equipped with a variety of data collection apparatus and undertakes fieldwork in each year of study.