Hospitality is a discrete strand of the Learning for Life and Work learning area and is based on the following key themes:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Home and Family Life
  • Independent Living

Why Is Hospitality So Important?

Good nutrition plays a vital role in promoting and protecting health. However, social, economic and technological changes have changed the way we obtain and choose food. The current trend for convenient, fast, effortless eating has already started to take a negative toll on the health of the nation.
In Hospitality, pupils learn about diet and health in a practical context –through the preparation of food and the planning of meals. It also encourages pupils to think about their relationship with food in a positive way, to challenge the way they choose food, and to inspire a love for food and a willingness to experiment and be creative.  

Society’s make-up is also changing, and today many different family structures exist. Young people need the opportunity to learn how to cope as future parents and be made aware of their roles and responsibilities within these changing family patterns. Hospitality helps to meet these needs by allowing pupils to explore and debate topics around the key concepts of home and family life and independent living. As a result, pupils become more able to make informed and responsible choices about their health, their family relationships and their resources now and in the future. 


Mrs W Pearson (Head of Department)
Ms J-A Taylor
Mrs C Cochrane (Technician)

Facilities and Resources

Campbell College has two Hospitality practical rooms and one preparation room. The rooms are fully equipped kitchens with a vast array of equipment in individual enclosed units allowing for both practical and theory lessons to take place.

Safety is a major concern in Hospitality. All of our staff members have received appropriate safety and first- aid training and students are not permitted to use equipment without prior training. Both Hospitality rooms are equipped with data projectors, SMART boards and a networked computer for easy use of IT, including Internet access and electronic data logging. We also have access to all of the school, ICT rooms on a regular basis.

On a Practical note…..

We want the boys to have fun in Hospitality. We try to give them as many opportunities to cook as possible and in order for this to be successful we provide all the ingredients, containers and washing up equipment necessary, preventing any late night and last minute shopping for ingredients by parents.

Boys are guided through each stage of a practical lesson and then given the opportunity to return to their stations and work alone or as part of a small team to create the dish.  Knife skills, use of the hob and oven, stir frying and use of electric griddles all form part of the experience in Key stage three.

Courses Offered

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