Physical Education

Physical Education at Campbell College has a very significant part to play in realising the general school aims, which are:

  • To develop the inherent potential of each individual pupil through the provision of a balanced, coherent relevant and broadly based curriculum
  • To prepare students for the demands, opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life and their future careers in a rapidly changing world
  • To develop a corporate identity among pupils, staff, parents and governors as a means to mutual understanding and support

As a significant part of the creative and expressive area of study, Physical Education will offer a broad and balanced curriculum with opportunities for pupils to develop their attitudes and abilities in a range of physical disciples, games, gymnastics, dance and swimming.
The Physical Education programme aims to;

  • Deliver this entitlement to all pupils through a planned and progressive scheme of work for PE
  • Develop pupils self confidence in a range of physical environments
  • Develop physical skillfulness, physical development and a knowledge of the body in action
  • Promote positive attitudes towards active and healthy lifestyles
  • Encourage the pupils to reflect on their actions in order to improve the quality of their interactions, performance or composition
  • Provide feedback to the pupils, involving them in their learning, allowing them to plan how to improve their performance
  • Share the learning intentions with the pupils in all lessons

We emphasise that PE is not just about skill development in isolation but about knowledge, skills and understanding.

Campbell College Senior School caters for pupils from 11-18 and physical education is compulsory for all pupils from 11-16 and it is encouraged at the senior level. Physical education and games whilst separate are very closely involved. Pupils are afforded a generous allocation of time to pursue the wide and varied program of activities within the Physical Education and games program.

Campbell can boast national performers in volleyball, athletics, hockey, rugby and cricket.

Education establishments are now asked to mirror the demands of the modern work place in the subjects they offer to their pupils. Sport and leisure increasingly offer many varied opportunities for employment and the PE department has responded by introducing a number of academic and vocational courses at Key Stages 4 and 5.
GCSE Physical Education
GCSE Applied Leisure and Tourism  (via Modern Languages Department)
AS / A2 Level Physical Education
AS/  A2 Level Leisure Studies

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The facilities available are very extensive and all are enclosed within the grounds of the 100 acre school campus. 

  • Two Astroturf hockey pitches
  • Nine rugby football pitches
  • Four cricket squares
  • Six outdoor cricket nets
  • A cross country course
  • Four tennis courts
  • A three hundred metre athletics track

Furthermore the indoor facilities include:
Main Sports centre with:

  • Sports hall - 4 badminton courts, volleyball court, basketball court & a 5-a-side football pitch
  • 25m 6 lane indoor swimming pool
  • conditioning room
  • 3 squash courts

Minor hall with:

  • 2 badminton courts
  • Volleyball court
  • Basketball court
  • Stores and equipment for gymnastic modules

 Time Allocation

The school provides all pupils at Key Stages 3 and 4 with the full entitlement of one hour high quality Physical Education a week. Units of work are blocked so that for a set period of time all the lessons are on the same area of activity e.g. six weeks on gymnastics. 

Curriculum PE

Areas Of Study Activity & Year Group 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Athletics Athletics/Cross Country      
Dance Dance/Aerobics            
Gymnastics Gymnastics        
Health Related PE Health Related PE  ●    
Outdoor Education Outdoor Activities            
Swimming Swimming  ● ●   ●    
Games Badminton        
  Volleyball      ●    
Academic GCSE PE (AQA)          
  A LEVEL PE (Edexcel)          

Students are also allocated an additional two hours a week as part of the games program. In Campbell ‘Games’ is run by the Games committee consisting of senior management responsible for the total curriculum, Headmaster and the master in charge of major sports and clubs. Whole year groups are timetabled together for ‘Games’ periods and this facilitates the playing of full sided team games and the teaching of activities popular in extra-curricular time as they fall in periods 10 and 11 and are therefore better placed to continue after school. Games caters for a wide range of activities and differentiation of ability allowing students to decide what activity and what level they wish to participate. Games provision is delivered by P.E. specialists supported by non P.E. specialists and vetted outside coaches.  

Curriculum Games / Extracurricular Club*

Areas Of Study Activity & Year Group 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Athletics Athletics/ ●* ●* ●* ●* ●* ●* ●*
  Cross Country
Health Related PE conditioning        
Outdoor Education Sailing       ●* ●* ●* ●*
  Archery       ●* ●* ●* ●*
  Fencing       * * * *
  Mountaineering     * * * * *
Swimming Swimming       ●* ●* ●* ●*
Games Badminton * * * ●* ●*  ●* ●*
  Basketball * * * * * * *
  Cricket ●* ●* ●* ●* ●* ●* ●*
  Hockey ●* ●* ●* ●* ●* ●* ●*
  Rugby ●* ●* ●* ●* ●* ●* ●*
  Squash * * * ●* ●* ●* ●*
  Tennis     ●* ●* ●* ●* ●*
  Volleyball  * ●* ●* ●* ●*