Physics at Campbell College

There is a very healthy physics department at Campbell.  Good foundations are established through the junior science curriculum and year 10 Physics which all boys study.  At GCSE and A level we are a very popular choice and teach a significant number of the most able in each year group.  With 4 members of staff and a dedicated Physics technician, each member of staff has their own physics lab and the prep room is well stocked.

As a department we strive to deliver engaging and stimulating lessons, often based around practical work which is particularly effective when educating boys.  Our learners are supported by physics clinics, revision classes and competitions such as the British Physics Olympiad which a small cohort participated in for the first time at AS level for some years; achieving 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medal from 5 entrants.  We encourage independence in our students and this is well supported by a physics department website.  In 2014 we hope to make our first trip to CERN and we welcome a number of external speakers to the department to enlighten us, for example about medical physics.

Courses offered

KS3 Junior Science – In year 8 and 9 all students follow a common science curriculum of which physics makes up an equal component with the other 2 sciences.

Year 10 – All students study the separate sciences to allow them to make sensible choices for GCSE and allow their learning to diverge into physics, chemistry and biology.  We endeavour to foster an interest in physics during this year; as well as studying the key foundations for GCSE we look into the physics of atomic bombs and big machines.


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A level

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The department consists of 4 experienced and able Physics teachers with a breadth of knowledge from some of the best universities and varied pedagogy from around the world.
Mrs Christine Crozier – Head of Department
Mr Robin Taylor
Mr Will Keown (VP Curriculum)
Mr George Walls – Physics Technician