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The classrooms may be closed but the learning continues

This second period of extended lockdown brings challenges to us all, not least to our young people. Our staff will continue to guide, teach and support our pupils as best we can in these difficult circumstances, both academically and pastorally. There will be different approaches taken for different year groups and this page should act as a guide for you.  Any concerns and issues can be directed through the routes below.

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Please Note

When participating in any aspect of our remote learning provision, students must abide by the ‘E-Safety and ICT Acceptable Use’ policy in order to promote learning for all and to avoid any potential safeguarding issues. This policy is available for parents on the College website.

Parents and students should, in particular, be aware of the protocols which are to be adhered to when using Zoom. These place requirements on teachers hosting and students attending meetings in order to guarantee the safety and security of all. Staff will ensure that all the appropriate software settings are in place. This will, amongst other things, ensure that there is a unique ID and password for every meeting, which will be communicated to students in advance via a Firefly task.

For their part, and under the guidance of their parents, students must:

  • Enter their full name into Zoom so that when they enter a meeting ‘waiting room’, the teacher/host can identify them. If names are not recognised, admission will be refused.
  • Attend meetings individually, not in groups or with other members of their family.
  • Attend Zoom lessons on time, appropriately dressed and with all the necessary resources.
  • Use a suitable location whilst attending the meeting. This should be a ‘public’ part of their dwelling, e.g. a living or dining room, not a bedroom. Students are asked not to use virtual backgrounds.
  • Enable their video. For safeguarding reasons, the teacher/host must be able to see the student and verify that they are who they say they are. Video should be kept on for the duration of the meeting.
  • Follow the normal high expectations in terms of classroom behaviour and language.
  • Refrain from recording the meeting, or taking, sharing or uploading any images from the meeting.

Adherence to these protocols will enable all students to enjoy the benefits of Zoom meetings, both lessons and tutor group meetings.

Supporting Learning and Supporting Learners

We will do our utmost to sustain learning but it will require a commitment from the boys themselves to play their part, along with the vital support of their parents/guardians.  Our younger learners will need more support, whilst for the older boys this is a chance to start to develop independent learning skills.  We will keep a watchful eye on work submitted, attendance at Zoom lessons where applicable and do our bit to keep things interesting, engaging and productive.

We also recognise that ‘lockdown’ presents pastoral as well as academic challenges.  It is very difficult for boys and young men to have normal social contact denied and for many of the activities which enthuse and motivate them to be curtailed. It is important that they, and we, look after their wellbeing in every respect – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  As part of CCB Online, we will provide a Wellbeing Hub, with resources to help boys, parents and teachers support ourselves and each other as we face these challenges together.  In doing so, we will work together and do our best in true Campbell style

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School Communications


These will be updated as receive updated information from Government and examination boards.

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Communication Tools

Advice for parents

This will be a challenging time for everyone and we will all be patient, kind and understanding with each other as we work through it together.  Some tips to help get started and remember you are there to be a parent not a teacher and don’t feel that you have to be both.

  • It is important to help set the right environment for learning. 
  • Check Firefly to see what is expected each day
  • Set a structure to the day, with break and lunchtimes included.
  • If possible, create a space that is set up for learning, no distractions nearby.
  • Build in time to exercise – if possible getting outside for fresh air
  • Discuss with your child each evening how things are going
  • Feedback any concerns
  • Keep them smiling and provide some fun to take minds off what is happening

Getting Help

As with our pupils, we want to encourage everyone to be independent learners.  If you have a question, this is hopefully included within the FAQs on the website and on Firefly. 

If your son has a question about a task he has been set, we encourage him to contact his friends about it in the first instance, either via their usual channels or they can add a comment to the task requesting help from their teacher.

If these avenues do not answer your query, then we hope that we can still be here to answer the phone but just in case, we have set up the following help desks which will be manned during school hours and operate a ticket system.

For questions about... Contact
If you have any questions relating to careers advice/guidance, especially for those making Post 18 transitions (including UCAS applicants), Post 16 transitions and GCSE Subject Choices.  
If you have any specific enquiries relating to subjects, tasks, academic issues.or any other enquiries e.g technical, pastoral, general arising from at home working that relate to the College and school work.
Junior School Enquiries

Please bear in mind that teaching staff are seeking to support the learning of over 950 pupils in the Senior School and over 200 in our Junior School, so do try to use the FAQs and other forums before contacting the help desks. Help desks are not monitored 24/7 however, we will endeavour to respond within 48 hours (week days only).


How To Guides


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COVID-19 Updates

The College continues to follow the advice from the relevant agencies; Public Health Agency, World Health Organisation, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, NHS, Boarding Schools’ Association, Early Years, Education Authority and the Department of Education. . 

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