CCB Online: Key Stages 4 & 5

The announcement that examinations A-Level and GCSE Examinations will not be taking place in May and June makes this an uncertain and unsettling time for students who have been preparing for those examinations. Further information, and hopefully clarity, with regard to alternative arrangements will be forthcoming and we will communicate further as soon as we are able to do so.

In the meantime, the key message is that whilst examinations, in their normal format, are cancelled, qualifications continue and so will teaching, learning and assessment.  That assessment will be what is used in some way to inform the eventual awarding of grades.   Hence, we encourage all students in Years 11 – 14 to continue to engage fully with online learning.

One of the challenges for students working at home is how to structure and organise their day. In school, that structure is created automatically by the timetable. Our aim during this period of online learning, will be to provide teaching and learning for your son broadly in line with his timetable

Each day, boys will have Firefly Tasks to complete which provide work or activity that should be achievable during the time that would normally be spent in that subject in school.  The nature of the tasks will be varied.  We also recognise the motivational importance of having input from your son’s teachers, and so we will aim that each week, in each subject, your son is able to hear from his teachers, whether ‘face-to-face’ or recorded. Where this takes the form of a Zoom lesson, this  will be at the corresponding time to the normal lesson and there will be an expectation that all students attend unless there are exceptional reasons preventing them from doing so.

We also recognise the motivational and emotional benefits of meeting with tutors and seeing other pupils virtually.  It is our intention that tutors will meet with their tutees once a week via Zoom, to provide some pastoral oversight and opportunity for two-way feedback

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