Why boys only?

“What is best for my son? Should he be educated with only other boys or should he go to a mixed co-educational school - after all it’s more like real life?”

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Does the school adopt a maximum class size?

26 is our maximum class size. However, this is very rarely reached and will be much less frequently seen in the years ahead. It also varies between Junior and Senior School. On average our class size is between 20 and 22 pupils.

What is the School’s Entrance Criteria?

Campbell’s entrance criteria varies between Junior and Senior School. In the Junior School it is non-selective and as such does not use an entry test but rather boys are selected on a strictly first come, first served basis. However, the Head of Junior School does require to see all prospective pupils before joining and all are invited to visit the school for a 'taster session' before they join. This enables an informal assessment to be carried out before a pupil joins the school.

The Senior School has remained true to its heritage of being a boarding school as well as a selective school. Two streams of entry occur, a selective one through specific entrance assessments and a non-selective stream through a range of criteria set out in the prospectus. 

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How is Campbell Academically Selective and yet it caters for a wide range of ability?

Campbell caters for boys of all abilities. However, parents should recognise that the school day is longer than normal and the expectations placed upon each boy are demanding. Secondly, through the application of entrance criteria, in what is described as a ‘bi-lateral’ manner boys are selected for the College under specific academic criteria or under associated non-academic criteria. The College, together with parents, makes every effort to ensure that the school environment is right for each pupil. Additional support is provided for boys who struggle to meet certain areas of the curriculum. A rigourous application of streaming is used throughout the Senior School.

What part does Religion play in the life of the School?

Campbell is a non-denominational school for boys aged between 3 and 18. The school positively welcomes boys with all religious beliefs. All boys attend Morning Assembly and are invited to attend a number of family services held on a Sunday throughout the year. Services are based on the Christian religion. The Religious Education syllabus follows the syllabus specific to the College, though influenced by the boys who are introduced to all major religions as part of our Religious Education and SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural) programme.

Does the school offer a variety of extra curricular activities?

The school runs a staggering array of extra-curricular activities – all planned with young males in mind. For some boys, their personal strength may often lie outside of the academic curriculum and it is important that these are recognised to the greatest extent possible within the structure of the school. The large list of activities encourages boys to participate in something after class most days: examples of activities include Sport, Art Club, Lego Technics, Rugby Football, Hockey, Cricket, Swimming, Kayaking, Combined Cadet Force and Modern Languages.

Is Campbell just a sporty school?

Sport adds greatly to the life of Campbell but not in isolation. Whilst boys enjoy a wide range of curricular sporting opportunities including; rugby, cricket, swimming, tennis, golf, athletics, badminton, volleyball and gymnastics, we are equally busy and successful in our music, art and drama departments. Outside the sporting curriculum, after school clubs include; archery, polo, SCUBA diving, badminton, water polo, fencing, handball and judo. It is hoped that skills such as determination, perseverance and tolerance fostered on the sporting field is then applied to everyday life within the College and at home.

Are Music and Art important aspects of school life?

Music, Art and Drama are very strong at Campbell, both in the number of boys who pursue these subjects after school and the standard that they achieve in each. More importantly though is the importance that is attached to each of these disciplines. Boys who excel or enjoy these subjects are recognised equally throughout the school and their achievements valued highly.

What are the transport arrangements?

There are school buses to and from Bangor. After school there is an express and a stopper which leave from the school grounds, there is also a late bus which leaves at 4.55pm (Monday - Thursday).  Other routes are serviced by the public buses operated by Translink  (Tel: 02890 666630).

Parents should apply to their local education and library board for a bus pass, if a boy loses his pass he may obtain a temporary pass from Front of House along with the necessary information to send away for a replacement one.


Opening hours of the School shop?

The school shop is open at breaktime (10.50am -11.10am) and after school (3.30pm -4.15pm) each day.

"There is something different about Campbell. Pupils love it, teachers love it. It really is the best school.“

"The Pipe Band has been part of the heritage of Campbell since 1894 and can be heard at every College occasion."

"Our library is the heart of the College.  A place where students gather and enjoy the creativity inspired by our superb Librarian.“