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Throughout its history, Boarding has been a central part of Campbell. With such a diverse student body, our Boarders are able to share their cultures and ethos with their peers, which in turn enhances their learning experiences, whilst building lasting friendships that could see them travel the world over. 

I first joined the boarding department of Campbell in 2006 and in my time as Head of Boarding, I have seen our Boarding Family grow in numbers from 61 – 150. At Campbell we talk about inspiring individuals to be the very best they can be. Boarding life at Campbell does just that for our students. Education is not just taught in a classroom, and for me, Boarding provides students with an holistic education, where they can develop their personalities and learn from one another in a secure all-inclusive community.

Reflecting on my time at Campbell thus far, I believe students thrive in an environment which is structured and disciplined, and as long as the students see there is openness and fairness, they are happy. Throughout my tenure, there have been two major developments of our boarding facilities and we now boast state-of-the-art Boarding accommodation including 47 ensuite rooms for senior boarders. Our planned next phase will allow us to extend this boarding to a capacity of 200+. The staff within the Boarding department has collectively worked hard to increase nationalities and welcome new cultures which I hope and trust will continue.

Bert Robinson

Head of Boarding

Our Boarding Family

Mr John Rea

Assistant Head of Boarding Key Stage 3

In 2007 I took up my teaching position at Campbell College.  Prior to this I had worked in day schools in South Africa, Bromley and Dartford.  I had also worked at a large boarding school in Oxford and had boarded as a child at Magdalen College School.  The boarding department at MCS is, sadly, now closed but I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a boarder and have great memories of that time.  Crucial to that enjoyment was my excellent Housemaster and his team of staff.

Boarding at Campbell affords a huge range of experiences and opportunities.  I look at the facilities available to our boarders with a great sense of envy – a small dorm of three or four boys (and individual rooms in Senior) is a bit different to the dorm of sixteen where I stayed.  Equally the experiences available to Campbell boarders will provide tremendous opportunities for enjoyment and personal development – I wish bouldering, kayaking or Parkour had been on offer when I boarded!  The chance to be part of a thriving boarding department and to guide and encourage our boys in their formative years is what excites me about my post as Assistant Head of Boarding.

Ms Wendy Pearson

Assistant Head of Boarding Key Stage 4

In 2007 I arrived in CCB to set up a brand new Home Economics Department.  It was a busy and very enjoyable time as the subject was introduced first to year 8 pupils and then throughout the rest of the school. We now have a thriving Department offering Hospitality courses to those pupils in Key Stage 4 and 5.

It was when teaching survival cookery to the Year 13 and 14 pupils back then that the world of boarding and School House came to my attention. There was an easy camaraderie amongst these boys which made the classes fun and made me think about the value of boarding for boys. Being a mother, of two teenage boys, I could see the benefits of a structured and safe environment where they would be looked after and encouraged to engage in studies and sport.

I decided to offer my services, at first in a part time capacity and then as a full time boarding tutor. The rewards have been enormous and as I have got more involved in the organisation and development of School House my respect for the people I work with is immense. We have a wide range of personalities within the staff and this I feel is one of our greatest strengths. Boys have that variety of experience and style to go to when they feel like some fun, help with their work or when they may be struggling with a problem.

As the years have progressed and you look back on a long list of boys you have helped look after, you cannot help but smile at the memories they bring. Watching them develop into fine young men with an easy and confident manner is hugely rewarding.

Mr Jonny McNerlin

Assistant Head of Boarding Key Stage 5

I have had the privilege of teaching Chemistry at Campbell College for four years, three of which as part of the Boarding Department where I have recently been appointed Assistant Head of Boarding for Key Stage 5.  I am thoroughly enjoying this new role and the opportunities it presents.  I am responsible for the general welfare of all Year 13 and 14 Boarders, which involves ensuring they are achieving their potential inside and out of the classroom and allowing them to develop into well rounded young men within the parameters of the Boarding code of conduct.

The Boarding Department is an integral component of life at Campbell and I am determined to make positive contributions to it during my time here through continuing to form good professional relationships with the boys and establishing an attitude of mutual respect between both staff and pupils and between pupils themselves.  Boarding is a diverse family unit consisting of members from a number of nationalities and cultures which relies on a high level of tolerance and understanding of another's background and beliefs.  In Boarding we believe attributes like this will allow these young men to succeed in life.  The part I enjoy most about my job is witnessing Boarders develop and grow to overcome a range of challenges.   As part of my role my family have moved on-site and one of the many benefits is having my son grow up surrounded by fantastic role models, and in the family environment Boarding creates.

Mrs Eunice Hoey


Having been a nurse in the Royal Victoria Hospital, I took a career change 14 years ago and joined Campbell College as ‘Matron’, and I can truly say that the last 14 years have been the most rewarding of my career. My role doesn’t just involve managing any illness or injuries that occur during a school day, it extends to providing care, support and health advice to the boys. I also work within the Boarding Department alongside colleagues and the College doctors and together we are responsible for the health and wellbeing of the boarders.

The boys know that my door is always open and they are welcome to call in for a chat and a cup of tea if there is something worrying them, or perhaps they just want to call to let me know how their day is going. I am so very proud of the boys in our care, and it is a pleasure to see them maturing into fine young men and progressing on their chosen careers. One of my greatest rewards is hearing from former pupils, and a major strength of Campbell is that they will frequently return to visit the school.

I love that my role of Matron extends beyond just plasters and bandages, it is providing the listening ear and trying to send boys on, not just feeling better physically, but feeling better about themselves.


Campbell currently has four Housemothers looking after 150 boarders; Mrs Lorraine Cooke, Mrs Pamela Moses, Mrs Gillian Callendar and Mrs Avril Morrow.

The role of Housemother is an integral part of our boarding community in which they are tasked with looking after of our boarders; from ensuring they are on time for school to being a confidant should any boarder feel they need to talk.

To quote one of the Housemothers, “Having been a House Mother for a long time… it is lovely to see our Year 14 boys leaving the College as confident young men in comparison to their shy Year 8 selves. Although clichéd, Boarding at Campbell truly is one big happy family where we all look out for one another, fight like brothers but make up like brothers in a way that only family could. Boarding encourages a particular focus on their studies and enables them to become independent.”

Head of House

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    We welcome boarders from all over the world in Year 8 (age 11) to Year 14 and currently have 150 Boarders who call Campbell their ‘home from home’. Boarding at Campbell is a life-changing experience which encourages independence, improves focus and fosters international friendships.

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