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Vision and Values

The Campbell Way

From learning to ‘doff their caps’ in Prep 1, to the wearing of distinctive striped blazers; from the ringing of a hand bell in the playground, to KS2 pupils standing when visitors enter their classrooms, Junior School is steeped in tradition.

Our customs have developed over one hundred years, connecting generations of Campbellians and reminding our boys that they are part of a very special community.

We are a school that celebrates innovation and modernity; striking a balance between respecting our traditions and embracing change is what makes us unique.

Our Aspirations

Our pupils are at the heart of our Junior School Family, and we are committed to providing them with an inspirational and high quality learning experiences which will enable each individual to achieve their full and unique potential. 

We aspire for our boys to strive to be the best they can be, and to grow to become:

  • keen, lifelong learners;
  • creative thinkers and problem solvers;
  • independent, responsible, confident and considerate citizens;
  • fine young men, who display courteous manners and great sportsmanship;
  • emotionally literate, with the resilience to cope with life’s challenges;
  • effective contributors to society;
  • great leaders who inspire others;
  • fine ambassadors for the College, who exude ‘The Campbell Spirit’!

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