Head's Welcome

Campbell College Kindergarten & Junior School is a unique learning environment where boys are inspired, not just by the history and beauty of the surroundings, but by the magic of the place.

Within a caring and nurturing family ethos, diversity is celebrated and our boys are challenged to be the best they can be.  We use many keys to unlock each child's individual potential.

When you join our Junior School Family, you become part of something very special.  It is the first chapter of an exciting, life-long learning adventure as part of the Campbell Community.

If you are interested in enrolling your child, I warmly invite you to come for a visit. It would be my pleasure to take you on a tour of Junior School and enable you to watch our brilliant boys in action!

Miss Andrea Brown
Head of Junior School





Vision and Values


To provide the highest quality and most unique learning experience for boys.

Mission Statement

We seek to create a nurturing and inspirational learning community, whose individual members are empowered and enabled to achieve their full and unique potential.

Core Values

We consider it a great privilege to work with children in their formative years.  As they head off on their Junior School journey, our aim is to instil core values which will stay with them through life:

  •    Honesty
  •    Kindness
  •    Compassion
  •    Generosity
  •    Respect
  •    Tolerance
  •    Courage
  •    Commitment


We seek to ensure that each member of our whole school community is valued, cared for and supported, within a positive atmosphere of cooperation, mutual respect and trust.

We aspire for our boys to strive to be the best they can be, and grow to become:

  • keen, lifelong learners;
  • creative thinkers;
  • independent, responsible, confident and considerate citizens;
  • fine gentlemen, who display courteous manners and great sportsmanship;
  • emotionally literate, with the resilience to cope with life’s challenges;
  • effective contributors to society;
  • tomorrow’s leaders;
  • proud Campbellians.