History & Politics


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History and Politics are popular subjects that allow students to study interesting human stories whilst developing a range of skills that will help them cope with 21st century challenges.  The department has been successful in preparing students for courses at top universities including Oxford and Cambridge. It aims to develop inquisitive individuals who benefit from a range of experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Inside the classroom there is a commitment to active learning and developing students as independent learners.  Outside the classroom strong links have been developed with universities such as Queen’s University, Belfast and Glasgow University.  Students benefit from experiencing the history and politics that they are studying with trips to the World War One battlefields, Berlin and London. 

Debating has been developed alongside History and Politics with students enjoying success at a variety of levels.  The department has supported the Men Behind the Glass project leading to the creation of new resources, for the teaching of life in World War One, the training of Year 14 students as tour guides for European Heritage Open Day, the development of primary source skills workshops with PRONI and a storytelling project with Leibniz Gymnasium, Berlin. 

Year 8 - Year 12 Curriculum

Year 8 – Medieval Life and Society

Year 9 – Ireland, Plantations to Partition.  The History of Campbell College

Year 10 – World War One

Year 11 - CCEA GCSE – Germany 1933 – 45, Northern Ireland 1965 – 1998

Year 12 – CCEA GCSE – International Relations 1945 – 2003

A Level History

The Early Stuarts and the Origins of the Civil War 1603 – 1660

The French Revolution and the Rule of Napoleon 1774-1815

The Challenge of German Nationalism 1789-1919

Topic Based Essay

A Level Politics

UK Politics and Core Ideologies

UK Government and Non – Core Ideologies

Comparative Politics

History & Politics