Senior Choir (Tenors and Basses)

This year saw the formation of the school’s Senior Choir – a group of 35 Tenors and Basses who rehearse each morning from 8.30am in preparation for our wide variety of performances throughout the school year.

In addition to our Family Services, Carol Service and Spring Concert, the choir also took part in an Ulster Youth Choir workshop in November, after which several boys auditioned, and were offered a place on their summer residential course, held annually at CCB.

We are very proud of the dedication of the boys involved, and are very impressed with the mature, confident sound that they are producing.

We are also looking ahead to another successful year beginning in September, and hope to involve the boys in more external performances and competitions.

Middle School Choir (Trebles and Altos)

The Middle School Choir welcomes boys entering year 8 to come and sing in the Choir!  The Choir presently consists of 35 Trebles and Altos spanning years 8 -11.  Trebles rehearse every Monday morning from 8.30 – 9.00am and Altos rehearse each Tuesday morning from 8.30 – 9.00am.  An extra rehearsal of 25 minutes is held once every fortnight during part of the Tutor Period. 

As well as being fun and a good way to make friends, pupils are encouraged to learn to read music and expand their vocal range during rehearsal time.  The Choir take part in several musical events in the School Calendar including Family Services, the Carol Service, Daffodil Tea and the Music Society Concert.  New members always welcome!


Senior Orchestra (approx. grade 4+)

The Senior Orchestra consists of our more advanced strings, brass, woodwind and percussion players in school, regardless of age, with the minimum standard of entry at approximately Grade 4 level. These enthusiastic young musicians attend a one-hour rehearsal every Tuesday after school in preparation for Family Services and the Spring Concert.

This year, the orchestra have performed a varied repertoire, ranging from Beethoven to Adele, along with music from Back to the Future!  All performances have been very well received, and the boys are to be commended for their dedication and talent!

Junior Orchestra (approx. grades 1-3)

At Campbell we firmly believe in developing our musicians from the grass roots up. This is very much a training ensemble for students who have recently started their exciting journey of learning their new instrument! As well as beginners, we encourage younger students who have already reached a solid level of ability to act as leaders in the ensemble, preparing them for the Senior Orchestra in the near future.

Chamber Ensembles

The Music Department are keen to continue to expand the provision for smaller ensembles throughout the College. The following groups meet regularly, working towards various performances in assemblies, concerts and external events:

Brass Group

Clarinet Group

Flute Group

Percussion Group

Saxophone Group

String Group

Woodwind Group


For updates on when they meet to rehearse please follow us on Facebook and Twitter:

Facebook = @CCBMusicDepartment

Twitter = @CCBMusicDept

Rock Groups

The Rock Group is open to all musicians who wish to strum, hit, sing, blow into or bow their instruments. We meet on Wednesday after school in the music department and learn complete tunes to perform at school functions such as the Easter concert and parent Open Days.  These groups also feed into GCSE performances which account for 30% of the overall GCSE result for those who choose music as a pathway in year 11-12, although the group focus is as much to do with having fun and enjoying music as it is being assessed. The Rock Group is overseen by Mr David Lindsay who has 20 years of experience in teaching instrumental music and facilitating music groups.

Pipe Band

Campbell College Pipe Band was founded in 1909 and is currently one of the oldest active pipe bands in Northern Ireland.  Members are recruited from both Junior and Senior School with individual lessons for either Bagpipes or Snare Drum available from P6.  In addition, an open class is available to all members once per week throughout the year (including school holidays!) for the purpose of self-improvement.

Band practices are held twice per week during term and are aimed at those students who have progressed beyond the complete beginner stage and are ready to start playing with the band.  Practices focus not only on musical performance, but also other aspects of playing with a band such as: instrument maintenance, uniform maintenance, marching drill and deportment.

Band Practice:  Monday & Thursday, 15.30 - 16.30

Open Class:  Wednesday, 15.30 - 18.30 (Term time), 13.30 - 16.30 (Holiday Time)

Individual lessons available on request

Jazz Band

In September 2017, we formed a Jazz Band consisting of around 15 players who enjoy performing this style of music (a personal favourite of Mr Doherty’s!)

The band rehearses on a Friday after school, and this year, we worked towards our Spring Concert in March by preparing three jazzy numbers!  The band also performed in assembly, and next year, we hope to take part in the annual school’s Big Band Showcase event in Belfast, which is run by the Ulster Youth Jazz Orchestra.


Music Extra-Curricular Timetable 2018-19 

Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Before School

(820 - 9.00) 

Treble Choir Rehearsal

(N2 - GEW)

Tenor Sectional 

(N3 - AGD) 

Clarinet Group 

(PR1 - MS) 

Alto Choir Rehearsal

(N2 - GEW)

Woodwind Ensemble 

(N3 - MS)

Tenor and Bass Choir Rehearsal 

(N2 - AGD) 

Flute Group 

(PR2 - MS) 

Junior School Band 

(Chapel - GEW) 

Bass Sectional 

(N2 - AGD) 

Saxophone Group 

(PR1 - MS) 

Tenor and Bass Choir Rehearsal 

(N2 - AGD) 

Early Lunch 

(12.15 - 12.45)

Years 11-14  Years 8-10 Years 11-14

Years 8 -10 

KS3 Music Drop In 

(N1 - MS) 

Years 8-10

Late Lunch 

(1.10 - 1.40) 

Year 8-10

Year 11-14

GCSE/A Level Music Drop-in 

(N1 - AGD/ MS)

Years 8-10  Years 11-14  Years 11-14

After School 

(3.30 - 4.30) 

Junior Orchestra Grades 1-3 

(Chapel - MS) 

Senior Orchestra 

Grades 4-8

(Chapel - AGD/ MS/ GEW) 

Guitar Ensemble 

(N3 - DL)

Drama Production - Band Rehearsal 

(N2 - MS) 

Jazz Band 

(N2 - AGD)


Music Groups