Biology is at the forefront of modern scientific research and aspects of key areas of investigation are prominent in the teaching of Biology at Campbell College. Biology asks the fundamental question ‘how does life work?’ and is central to many issues - health, genetics, environment, sustainability and the future of the human and animal populations. It is a subject that is relevant to everyone, and a fascinating and engaging science.



●      Encourage pupils to study living organisms and processes in a scientific  manner   

●      Balance subject knowledge with the development of investigative skills

●      Give pupils opportunities to design, carry out and evaluate practical experiments using a very wide variety of laboratory apparatus

●      Emphasise the importance of health and safety in the laboratory setting to ensure the wellbeing of all pupils and staff working there


Biology at Key stage 3 is taught as part of the Junior Science curriculum. In Year 10 the students study Biology as a separate subject and learn about Circulation, Coordination, Drugs, Microbes & Disease, Ecology and Plants & Transport.

At Key Stage 4, pupils may choose to study either CCEA Biology as a separate science or as part of CCEA non-modular Double Award Science and Single Award Science. At AS and A2 level, the Examination Board is CCEA.

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There are four specialised biology laboratories in the school that are well resourced with up-to-date equipment, allowing a wide range of practical activities for all Key Stages.  All the Biology laboratories are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards and a networked computer for easy use of IT, including Internet access and electronic data logging.

The school estate includes a lake and a wide variety of native & exotic tree species. These provide many habitats and interesting materials for examination in class.



Mr T Thompson (Head of Department)
Dr J Breen
Mrs K Murphy

Miss V Wightman

Mrs M Ryan
Mrs K Hooks (Technician)