Name of Department: English 
Head of Department:
Mr David Gilliland: BA Hons, PGCE English, Drama & Media Studies; House Tutor Price’s 
Ms Kirstin Marshall: MA English, QTS; House Tutor Alden’s
Staff List:  
Ms Lynsey Anderson BA Hons English & Drama, QTS; House Tutor Dobbin’s
Mr Mark Chalkley BA Hons, PGCE, Med, PQH NI; House Tutor Yates’s
Dr Ashley Dunne BA Hons, MA, PHD, PGCE; House Tutor Alden’s
Mr David Gilliland

BA Hons, PGCE English, Drama & Media Studies; House Tutor Price’s

Mrs Sharon Johnston BA Hons, PGCE; Learning Support & Literacy Co-ordinator
Ms Kirstin Marshall MA English, QTS; House Tutor Alden’s
Ms. Pauline McCaul BA Hons, MA, PGCE
Mr Sam McClure

BA Hons, MA, PGCE, House Tutor School (Armour’s)

Mrs Eliz McIlvenny

Head of Drama; BA Hons; PGCE English, Drama & Media Studies; House Tutor Allison’s

Mr Mark McKee BA Hons, PGDipModLit, PGCE; Year Head



’He’s watched heroes fall and rise and fall again. He’s read many stories about men and women who have risked it all and lost, only to start again. And because of this, he fears nothing.’

Why reading books can help you become a better footballer.’
Danny Scott, writer and ex-professional footballer.



The English Department of Campbell College believes that the effects of reading on the mind are as powerful as the benefits of physical training for the athlete. ‘Concentration is key’. Outside of practice on the pitch, reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction trains the brain to interpret different possibilities from ‘characters’ on the pitch.

We want the boys in our classes to be aspirational in their outlook and develop life and career skills. As communicators of knowledge, creative thinkers and empathetic citizens, Campbell College boys will affect positive change and inquiry through the language techniques used in: debate, essays, reports, articles, letters, role-play, discussion, listening, thinking and responding, problem-solving, poetry, advertising – including to and with external audiences in position of responsibilities.

We provide the conditions for each boy to become a more confident, competent and discerning individual, who can create and respond to an increasing variety of fiction, including recent publications and non-fiction (including media). We create a balance between a focus on the boys developing independent study skills and working in collaboration with his group/teammates.

The English Department of Campbell College has the legendary status of having among its list of Old Campbellians, Nobel Prize writer, Samuel Beckett, who taught in the College briefly and early in his career, and the remarkable writer of the Narnia books, and theologian, C.S Lewis, who attended the College whilst originating from nearby Circular Road. The English Department is very mindful of the literati who have donned the College grounds: lyricists, such as the award winning musician, Gary Lightbody; actors, such as David Caves and Michael Brown; as well as high achieving pupils in the subject, such as Chris Wilson, who came first in English Language GCSE, in 2009. We are equally mindful of our fortunate location, not just surrounded by the inspirational views across the beautiful grounds of Campbell - for creative thinking and reflection - but the wider landscape of East Belfast, which is enjoying a literary and artistic output never witnessed before in such a surge, and never more needed and lauded in such a virtual-reality oriented society as in recent decades!

It is heart-warming and reassuring that in these increasing secular times, English takes on the added role of providing young people the understanding of the skills of thoughtful self-expression, and ensuring standards and forms of written and verbal communication are maintained, while language usage becomes challenged and, at times, undermined by social media trends.

Small classes, of up to seven sets, arranged by pupils’ literacy skills and language needs, tailor for the new international boarder, as well as challenge and stretch boys who have transferred from the local feeder primary schools with high AQE/𝘎L scores. The English Department prides itself on nurturing the skills of confident self-expression, repartee and debate, which sets a Campbell boy apart from his peers and competitors.


I certainly owe a lot to football…to teach me how to become a man and balance my own self-expression with the well-being and success of my teammates’.
Albert Camus.