Name of Department:  Home Economics and Hospitality
Head of Department:  Mrs Wendy Pearson


Staff List:
Miss Anna Beckett
Mrs Claire Cochrane


"I know I speak for our Hospitality class when I say that without Hospitality we would not now be in Universities all around the UK studying International Hotel Management, Events Management and many other related areas. Our work placements have taken our class all around the world. The laughs and discussions we have had in class will be ones that I will remember forever and something that I will look back on fondly."
OC now in final year of International Hospitality
Management at the University of Ulster

We aim to empower our boys with a knowledge of food and nutrition, a love of cooking and an informed attitude to modern day living and the management of our home resources. We further encourage those with talent to study Hospitality, safe in the knowledge that an exciting world- wide opportunity for employment will result.

Home Economics allows the pupils to enjoy coming together in class to share ideas and learn one of the most important life skills of all – how to choose food wisely and cook it! As they cook together they talk, laugh and learn how to share tasks. A life enhancing subject for all.