IGCSE in English as an Additional Language

Teaching staff:

Mrs Tanya Mayne (MA, CELTA)

Mr Reece Goosen(TEFL)

Mr Peter Dunn (TEFL)

International GCSE in English

Campbell College is a Cambridge University International Examinations Centre and as such we offer the International GCSE in English as a Second Language. This is a two-year course, aimed at pupils who already have a working knowledge of English, and who want to consolidate their understanding in order to progress in their academic career. This course is only available to pupils whose first language is not English.

The International GCSE in ESL is taken in over 100 countries worldwide and is internationally recognised as being equivalent to GCSE in the United Kingdom. A grade C or above in IGCSE in ESL satisfies the English proficiency requirements of many universities in the UK and other countries.

The course is based on the global use of English. The examination reflects this international perspective. You will be expected to:

  • understand a range of social registers and styles
  • produce different types of texts
  • communicate appropriately in different situations

The topics selected will relate to your interests and needs e.g. education, the world of work, school affairs, health and welfare, travel and global issues. The kinds of settings used are those that you are likely to encounter in dealings with official bodies, in studying for academic or occupational purposes, in places of work or in using public services.