Name of Department: Physics
Head of Department: Mrs Edel McInerney (MEd,BScEd)
Staff List:
Mr Will Keown (VP Pastoral)

Dr Pádraig Bolger

Mr Stephen Chambers

Mr Tim Woodrow (Lab Technician)

Physics is the subject that attempts to understand the rules that make our universe work the way it does – the so-called ‘Laws of Physics’. We are not so much interested in ‘what’ happens but ‘why’ it happens. There is no end to the questions we have and no limit to just how awe-inspiring this subject can be. On a more practical level, understanding the rules of the universe has led to some of the world’s greatest technological inventions: electric lightbulbs, computers, MRI scanners and space rockets.

The CCB Physics Department is a stimulating environment in which to work and study. It has superb resources and its teachers are experienced physicists with a range of specialisms and research backgrounds, who are all committed to inspiring in our pupils a love of Physics.

Course Content/Curriculum

Our learners are supported by physics clinics, revision classes and competitions. We believe learning outside the classroom through experiences such as educational trips abroad helps to bring the curriculum to life and allows students to gain a deeper knowledge of Physics. In addition, students gain self-confidence, develop essential skills and become better prepared for their future working lives. So, in 2015 we made our first trip to CERN, in 2016 we visited Jodrell Bank Observatory in Manchester and we welcome a number of external speakers to the department to enlighten us.