Religious Studies

Martin Luther King

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”


Name of Department: Religious Studies
Head of Department: Mr Jeremy McCurdy
Staff List: Mr Darren Walker, Mr Fransuer Mukula, Miss Judith Reid


From the beginning of time religion has played a significant role in the development of humanity, as people have engaged in activities such as worship, prayer, and rituals marking important rites of passage. Moreover, religions have always asked fundamental questions, such as: What is the true meaning of life? What happens to us after death? How do we explain human suffering and injustices?

At Campbell College students will have opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of Christian beliefs and practices, as well as studying other world religions such as Islam and Judaism. Through studying religion and the variety of beliefs about God, students are challenged to think and form opinions. There is much value in studying different religious scriptures and practices, and the understanding that brings provides a platform for tolerance and mutual respect.

Religious Studies can also provide excellent training for a variety of careers, beyond service to the Church. The ethical and philosophical aspects of the subject are certainly a benefit to those intent on entering careers such as law, teaching, counselling, medicine, and many more. The study of religion promotes the development of many skills including, the ability to express ideas clearly through essay writing and discussion, developing a critical approach to contemporary issues, and understanding and taking a sensitive approach to different cultures and beliefs. These skills are much sought after in the workplace and are an excellent preparation for life.



Notable Achievements: 

In Religious Studies we work hard to ensure that every student has the opportunity to fulfil their potential. We are very proud of our results in external exams and in particular the continued three trend in 2018 of 100% of Full Course GCSE students achieving grades A*-C. We are equally proud of the 46%A*-A three year average in this subject. This has provided a solid platform for KS5 study with 83% of AS students achieving grades A-C.


What former Campbell Students have had to say about the Study of Religion.

Kevin Tsang – “Philosophy and Ethics pushes you to discover things you have never thought of. I have discovered many things which will benefit me for life. I have also acquired skills in discussing and debating complex issues. It is a challenging but interesting subject; it’s brilliant.”

Robert Sellar – “For me religion is the essence of morality, decision-making, education and life in general.”

Timothy Gorringe – “Religious Studies focuses you into looking at some of the big questions in life; questions you have never thought of and very complex issues. It is interesting and challenging but is worth it in the end.”