"There is something different about Campbell. Pupils love it, teachers love it. It really is the best school.“

"The Pipe Band has been part of the heritage of Campbell since 1894 and can be heard at every College occasion."

"Our library is the heart of the College.  A place where students gather and enjoy the creativity inspired by our superb Librarian.“

Name of Department:    Careers Department (CEIAG)
Head of Department:      Mrs Sarah Coetzee

Staff List:

Mrs Jan Hempstead                                                              Assistant Head of Careers (Acting)
Mr Neil McGarry                                                                      Work-Related Learning Co-ordinator

Mrs Jayne Bailie                                                                     Careers Adviser
Mr Gareth Fry                                                                          Careers Adviser                                  
Mrs Jan Hempstead                                                              Careers Adviser
Mr Will Keown                                                                         Careers Adviser
Ms Kirstin Marshall                                                                Careers Adviser
Mr Jeremy McCurdy                                                               Careers Adviser                
Mr Mark McKee                                                                       Careers Adviser
Mr Chris Oswald                                                                      Careers Adviser
Mr Jeff Smyth                                                                          Careers Adviser                                                    
Ms Lyndsay Nelson                                                                Careers Administrator


At Campbell College, significant time is invested in supporting our pupils through all facets of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance provision.  Access to quality CEIAG is a fundamental aspect of a pupil’s success; preparation of our pupils for the world of work is of the utmost importance and we recognise that a high standard of CEIAG can help raise motivation and achievement amongst pupils.  Economic development is also crucial to the long-term future of Northern Ireland and as a College we have a social responsibility to prepare our pupils to contribute positively to local and global economies, and to address the needs of future generations in an increasingly technological society.  

We support and encourage pupils to engage fully in CEIAG and aim to create a culture of self-sufficiency in their research and investigations of career and learning opportunities.  It is our basic tenet that we never take decisions for pupils and remain objective in our advice.  Nevertheless, the strong network of support provided by the Careers Department promotes a serious approach in planning for future choices and the establishment of solid, encouraging, supportive relationships between the Careers Team and pupils is important if they are to seek advice and address Career-related issues at appropriate stages.

It is important that pupils think seriously about their future prospects and are kept fully informed about Labour Market changes and predictions for the years ahead.  Further or Higher Education is a substantial commitment and pupils need to engage in undertake longer-term Personal Career Planning, fully informed of economic and employment issues.  Investment by all stakeholders – pupils, staff, parents and the local community in our CEIAG provision is a significant factor in our pupils’ future success.


The Core CEIAG programme offered is as follows.  This is supplemented by other event, presentations, talks and visits throughout the school year.

Campbell College offers a high level of one-to-one guidance to support our pupils in making effective choices at GCSE, as well as at Post-16 and Post-18.  We have a higher offer and acceptance rate to universities than other local grammar schools, according to UCAS data.  Important areas of economic growth are well-represented in our leavers’ destinations;  in 2017, 18% of students progressed to Engineering degrees with 22% going on to study Business-related degrees. Whilst our school leavers take many different opportunities including Higher Level Apprenticeships, the vast majority progress to University level study at a wide range of different institutions across the UK including Oxbridge and Russell Group universities, as well as Ireland, Europe, America and Asia.  This broad outlook and awareness of possibilities and opportunities in the global economy is encouraged and developed through the Careers programme at Campbell.  


Some of our Post-18 student destinations in the last five years are as follows:

Actuarial Science and Mathematics                         University of Manchester
Aeronautical Engineering                                            University of Southampton
Animation                                                                      Northumbria University
Architecture                                                                   Queen’s University Belfast
Biological Sciences                                                      Imperial College London
Business                                                                         University of Maastricht
Chemical Engineering                                                  Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge
Cinematic Arts                                                              Ulster University
Computer Science (Information Security)                Royal Holloway, University of London
Economics                                                                      University of Bristol
Engineering Business Management                           University of Warwick
Engineering                                                                     Hong Kong University
English Literature                                                           University of Glasgow
Finance and Accounting                                               University of Toledo, Ohio
German and Applied Language Studies                     Heriot-Watt University
History                                                                              Exeter College, University of Oxford
Industrial Design and Technology                                Loughborough University
International Business Management                           Northumbria University
International Hospitality                                                 Hotelschool The Hague
Law                                                                                     University of Exeter
Marine Science                                                                 Ulster University
Mechanical Engineering                                                  Newcastle University
Media Performance                                                          University of Salford
Medicine                                                                             University of Edinburgh
Natural Sciences                                                               Durham University
Pharmacy                                                                           Queen’s University Belfast
Politics and International Relations                                University of Bath
Physics                                                                                 University College London
Sport and Exercise Science                                              University of Liverpool
Technical Theatre                                                               Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Urban Planning                                                                   Newcastle University