The House System

The House System at Campbell College is built on the importance of developing strong relationships between students and making the most of school life outside of the classroom. It plays a key role in the pastoral provision of the College, providing healthy competition as well as new opportunities, and encouraging skills such as resilience and leadership.

There are currently seven Houses - six ‘day’ Houses and one boarding House, which is subdivided into three (Chase’s, Armour’s and Bowen’s). Each is named after a former schoolmaster who played a significant role in shaping and developing the College.

The names of the current Houses, Housemasters, and their respective colours are:

·         Alden's                 Mr Young      dark green     

·         Allison's               Mrs Magreehan        light green, formerly brown

·         Davis's                  Mr Ledwich                yellow

·         Dobbin's              Mr Collier                   light blue

·         Price's                  Mr Cupitt                   dark blue

·         School House      Mr B Robinson          black, boarding house

·         Yates's                 Mr McMaster               Red


Each student has a coloured stripe in their school tie that represents the House that they belong to. Houses are made up of seven tutor groups, one per year group; these are overseen by a Housemaster and six House Tutors, who move up each year with their tutees. In addition, there are dedicated and devoted Student Heads and Deputy Heads of House, who are tasked with promoting and encouraging engagement amongst the student body in the House system, as well as the various House events that take place throughout the course of the academic year.

House events are a major pastoral and extra-curricular side of school, developing social and communication (amongst other) skills. These events also help to strengthen and add value to the relationships across year groups within the College. Senior pupils play a vital role in the organisation of House competitions as we try to foster a sense of community and encourage older boys to be positive role models for the younger members of the College community. Students should aspire to succeed and learn from every experience and each Tutor Group looks to contribute as much as possible in the aim of winning the overall House Cup.

There are many House events throughout the year from all areas of school life. This blend ensures that everyone can represent their House in something that they enjoy or are good at, for example, sporting activities, bake-off, drama, debating, photography and charity. These competitions regularly attract crowds of supporters, cheering for their House. Students quickly form an allegiance to their house and a sense of fun and friendly competition pervades all the House events.

All students have the opportunity to earn House points as everything from their charitable efforts to their dramatic prowess and sporting ability can contribute to the scores. Individual students are awarded ‘House Colours’ once they participate in a set number of events. Bronze House Colours are awarded for participation in 15 events, Silver after 25 events and Gold Colours are awarded each year to students who take part in 40 events over their time at the College.   The winner of the House Cup is announced and awarded annually at Speech Day. This always proves to be a very tense moment!

A positive effect of participation in the House system is increased confidence, which can show itself positively in a student’s life both inside the classroom and beyond. We encourage respect through fair play and sporting behaviour; we promote a ‘have a go’ ethos and look positively on losing, as it is through failure that we learn, adapt and improve. Achieving, is often about winning; and all students (and House staff!) feel a sense of achievement when their House wins. We encourage this, but also support those students for whom, simply participating is the achievement. We aim to support all the members of our community, take pride in their efforts, and celebrate their successes.

House Charity plays a very important role in the House System, with each House nominating several Charity Reps annually. We want our young men to understand the role they play in giving back to the community and helping those in need. Each House selects a different charity to support each year and runs events to raise money or awareness.  There are whole school charity events supported and promoted by Houses as well, such as collecting for local foodbanks or supporting non uniform days. We feel it is just as important for students to gain ‘hands on’ experience, for example, helping out at a local foodbank.


Below is a list of House events that are organised annually:



Events such as cross country, hockey, volleyball, dodgeball, orienteering, cricket, tennis, football and rugby are run as House events throughout the academic year.


Other events

Quizzes, photography, chess, Scrabble, technology, debating, table tennis and art competitions also take place through the year, providing opportunities for students to experience new activities and practice their skills.


House Drama

House drama is one of the most prestigious events of the year with all year groups working together to create a performance that will out-do opposing houses. Sixth Form students source and direct their own 15-minute plays. Recent plays have included 'A Christmas Carol', 'Bugsy Malone' and 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. The plays are performed in the Drama Studio, one evening in November, in front of an audience of parents, staff and students. They are judged by a panel of dramatists, which often includes Old Campbellians who work in the theatre or media industry.


House Bake Off

Key Stage 3 teams, made up of two students have two hours to create a ‘Themed Bake Off’ - the most recent being the Queen’s Jubilee. This proves to be one of the most competitive events in the House calendar!


Sports Day

Sports day is the grand finale of House competitions. It is the last event of the year, taking place in mid-June. Years 8 - 11 spend an afternoon together, celebrating the sporting success of each House. It is a atmospheric occasion, regularly attended by many proud parents. Both track and field events are contested with participants from Year 8 - 11 taking part. Sports day is a fantastic way to round off the year of House events and to enjoy an afternoon of sport in the summer sun.



"There is something different about Campbell. Pupils love it, teachers love it. It really is the best school.“

"The Pipe Band has been part of the heritage of Campbell since 1894 and can be heard at every College occasion."

"Our library is the heart of the College.  A place where students gather and enjoy the creativity inspired by our superb Librarian.“