Why all Boys?

In general, boys tend to be more spatial and visual by nature, hard-wired to learn more easily through action rather than words. Being in a class with teachers who recognise this and teach in a way that ensures he does  not feel left behind can make a dramatic difference to  both his academic and social development. 

At Campbell we inspire boys to learn and our teachers are experts in teaching boys. They are committed to building relationships, crafting a boy-friendly curriculum and engaging each individual student. Boys thrive in an educational environment where they first establish positive, trusting relationships with their teachers. They learn best when they are engaged and when they understand why something is important to learn. Boys relish realtime achievement, they enjoy being physically active, competitive and are apt to taking risks – all characteristics that can be channelled into their learning experience.

Boys develop best academically when they are in smaller groups, when they are known well by their class teacher  and when they receive the quality teacher time they deserve, and so we invest in our teaching force to keep class sizes small. Whilst we work closely with our sister school, Strathearn, for Sixth Form and extracurricular activities,  we can see the difference it makes to boys’ academic and holistic development when they learn in an environment dedicated to their needs.
Boys can, and do, excel in many types of educational establishment. However, schools for boys provide a unique experience that enables individuals excel academically, whilst also developing into young men of character and integrity who are ready to contribute to a globally connected world.